Candidate filing begins

Few surprises from the first batch of candidate filings, unless you consider Tim Sheldon running for re-election in Mason County as commissioner a surprise.

You might.

In 2010 I wrote a story that included Sheldon’s sentiment that he wouldn’t run again for commissioner.

His eyesight had diminished to 20-800, he said Monday. He has since had surgery to fix glaucoma and his eyesight is back to 20-30, which he said is reason to consider returning. I don’t remember him bringing that up when he was driving me back and forth between Shelton and Olympia.

Sheldon also sees unfinished business ahead. I’ll probably write more for the first-day election filing story that will post later, including the fact that there are two challenger, Roslynne Reed and Randy Churchill.

Also filing are Byron Holcomb of Bainbridge Island for the temporary 1st Congressional District Seat. He was alone as of 1 p.m. Democrat Derek Kilmer is running Congress in the Sixth District, as is Republican Jesse Young. Sherry Appleton, a Democrat, has filed to run for re-election in her 23rd Legislative District House seat, while James Olsen has filed to run in the other 23rd District House seat.

The incumbent county commissioners Rob Gelder and Charlotte Garrido have filed to run for re-election. More candidates will have filed later this afternoon.

Three candidates are in for the U.S. Senate seat held by Maria Cantwell, including the incumbent.

4 thoughts on “Candidate filing begins

  1. Amazing how well the Kitsap Sun airbrush works for their friends and themselves.

    So the Sun airbrushes their wrong spelling of HANSON and that of the LTE writer = still the record captures the mistake

    Shining City Media
    7:38 PM (18 minutes ago)

    to SUN-STEVE, David, Charles, Rachel, Jim, Tristan, bcc: me
    Amazing how the Sun can airbrush their failure to use the proper last name of HANSEN. Even more curious is the Sun’s ability to cover for hatchet-man Burkholde’s hilarious misspelling of his great appointed man. Funny thing is the hard copy in tomorrow’s paper will feature the stupid wrong spelling. Also the Bainbridge Islander (10K homes) blazes with the bad spelling.

  2. James,

    Every once in a while we make mistakes. So do our readers and letter writers. Sometimes we catch it after something goes online and before it goes to print. Sometimes, it’s because a reader points it out, as it was in this case. So, thank you for pointing out the error.

    A word of warning: If you make a mistake on a blog or story comment, more often than not it’s going to be left to fellow commenters to correct you.

    Steven Gardner
    Kitsap Sun

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