Mayor Lary Coppola’s statement on Tuesday’s recount

Results of a manual recount of votes in the Port Orchard mayor’s race show Tim Matthes to be the official winner. Matthes maintained a 5 vote lead over incumbent Lary Coppola, who has issued a statement on the race, the recount and his tenure.

Mayor Coppola’s statement:
“While I’m disappointed in the results, I also strongly believe that
everything happens for a reason, and the universe has a better plan for me
going forward. I’d like to thank the staff at the Auditor’s office for
their hard work and dedication to making this process work.

I’d also like to thank our staff for their support over these past four
years, for their dedication to our City, and to the vision I outlined in
2008. We have a lot to be proud of: Assembling what is commonly
acknowledged by the other elected officials in this county as the very
best, most talented staff of any City; Moving our City from spending
reserves to meet payroll to creating reserves in the worst economy since
the great depression; Bringing the City back into compliance with the
Growth Management Act; Bringing a business-friendly, can-do attitude to
City Hall; and finally, reducing crime – and more importantly violent crime
– significantly. Port Orchard is now a a safer place to live, work, own a
business and raise your family, then any time in more than a quarter of a

We took the high road throughout and ran a clean campaign based on the
issues. Unfortunately, when my my political opponents realized they
couldn’t attack our record of solid. positive accomplishments, they
resorted to attacking my personal integrity and character using a series of
blatant lies, half-truths, and innuendo – and enough voters bought into it
to make the small difference. Such is the nature of politics.

Serving has been both a true honor and a personal pleasure. I want to
express a heartfelt “Thank You” to the downtown businesspeople who
supported me, the organizations and other elected officials who endorsed
me, and most of all, the voters who believed in me four years ago, believed
in my vision for our City, and still believe in me now. I’m sincerely
grateful to all of you. “

6 thoughts on “Mayor Lary Coppola’s statement on Tuesday’s recount

  1. Actually when you name is in the publc , and your a public servant , being personally attacked is quite a hardship . Its embarrassaing , hurtful and can go to the core of your being if you let it . Some of us have a harder time then others . I thought Lary was quitearticulate while not allowing the dirty politics to have gone un mentioned . Not sure if that was correct , politically it may just sound like sour grapes , but I totally understand it . I think from either political side people know the hurt it causes , but both political sides use it because unfortunately mud throwing works in politics. Not in healthy communities , but in politics. Its why so many leave politics , its why so many get in . Being made to feel like you need who you are is not as easy it sounds for the vast majority of us .

    Walk a mile in his shoes first Fletcher .

    Good luck to the new Mayor .

  2. Lary is being honest. Well not really.

    Remember when Lary claimed that he was being investigated, didn’t mean to plagiarize, inherited a mess from Kim Abel, and he didn’t have a drinking problem?

    Looking at the “totality of circumstances”, even his boat tried to run away to “turn it’s life around”.

  3. Larry,

    Thank you for the wonderful job you did with port orchard. Unfortunately their are some people who write in these blogs who have nothing better to do and do not even live in port orchard, but say slandours things, just like tim did. Tim lied about you and you were very professional in the way you handled it, because you are a professional and he is not, he lied, he slandered, he hid his true agenda when you brought him on board. I am very afraid of what is going to happen to Port Orchard now, I am sure you are concerned also, because you were the Mayor because you really cared, and you did a great job. Thank you Larry, you brought Port Orchard further than it had ever been because of your business back round. Tim does not know what he is doing and that scares me. Anyway, I wish you the very best and I am very grateful for all you did. Thank you Larry.

  4. And heres more of the same from Lary, attacking his predecessor Kim Abel, in 2008.

    “Fact: Employee morale was at an all time low when Kim Abel left office, with key employees leaving the City due to what they termed “intolerable” and “hostile” working conditions. I’ve read the exit interviews, so I know what they say.

    If Kim Abel calls leaving office under these conditions a “success,” our definitions of that word are extremely different.

    Finally, as for the Arizona condo mentioned on the Web site and in her mailer…

    This is especially sleazy. This is basically a private time-share situation, involving 5 friends and longtime business associates. Several of the owners spend significantly more time there than Jan Angel and her husband Lynn Williams. Obviously, I haven’t had the time to use my share this year either.

    But this just goes to show how desperate Kim Abel is to get elected. Nothing is out of the bounds of decency.

    But if she had done the wonderful job as Mayor she claims, why is it — at least according to her Web site — that only one current City Council member — Fred Chang — and none of the council members in office during her term as Mayor, have endorsed her? Just a question…”

    And for PortOrchardResident:

    Here’s Lary, openly admitting to trashing his predecessor in a public restaurant.

    “I’ll bet I can name the restaurant for you……. We inherited a mess – a Comp Plan 4 years out of compliance with the GMA; spending out of control; 50% turnover in employees with morale at an all-time low, etc., etc., etc.) and now we’re a year behind schedule moving our plans forward because of having to fix problems we didn’t know were there – or were lied to about.

    Larry, you should just sit in on the few remaining county board meetings you have, and leave quietly at the end of December. HELL NO!!

    Lary should be removed from every board in a voting capacity for personnel, budget, and future construction/acquisition issues. By doing so, he allows the elected official from Port Orchard to do his duties, without cleaning up the MESS left by his predecessor.

    BTW Lary, did you notice a FAA Senior Administrator resigned within days of being arrested for a DUI? Read all about it here:

    “Babbitt was pulled over about 10:30 p.m. Saturday by an officer who saw him driving alone on the wrong side of the road on Old Lee Highway, a four-lane thoroughfare about nine miles from his Reston home, police said.

    Police did not release Babbitt’s blood-alcohol level, but .08 is the threshold to bring charges of driving while intoxicated in Virginia. He is scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 2.

  5. Somebody said, “Unfortunately their are some people who write in these blogs who have nothing better to do and do not even live in port orchard, but say slandours things, just like tim did. Tim lied about you….”

    Well, I live in Port Orchard, and I didn’t vote for Lary for mayor because for a long time I caught him saying slanderous (not slandours) things about a lot of people he disagreed with, and his methods in trying to remove people from various boards, etc seemed almost “thugish” and slanderous and cheap. He has a volatile nature that is very unprofessional when he can’t get his way. He, as much or more than anyone, takes cheap shots and tries to assassinate others’ characters. No one lied —Larry’s own character did him in, as I hoped it would eventually.

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