A Super Committee of stories

Now that the Super Committee assembled to work out a deal on debt has officially fizzled, I thought I’d give you a list of stories worth reading. Only one deals with the Super Committee itself.

The New York Times has a blog item offering reasons why politicians on both sides may have been thinking the collapse of the Super Committee would be a good idea. Capitalizing on Collapse.

The New York Times also offers this story, Older, Suburban and Struggling, ‘Near Poor’ Startle the Census, about the growing number of people who are not far from qualifying as impoverished. Many bristle at the term “near poor,” but the data is telling.

We’re fans of public records in our circles. So it’s an easy pick for me to deliver this story from The Seattle Times, Seattle police must pay $129K for records delay. According to the story the Seattle PD has a history of stalling or denying requests on records in large part because of agreements with the police union.

The Seattle Times also reports that the state paid out $500,000 in a year for 2,000 cell phones that were not being used. State wasting big money on idle cellphones

And yet another entry from the Seattle Times. This one shows how the Legislature makes cuts in the state budget, cuts that never happen because the courts overrule legislators. As state makes cuts, lawsuits are flying

The News Tribune offers a story about a man who cost taxpayers millions, but their effort eventually helped him get better. Cecil’s story: Man who cost Tacoma taxpayers millions for care, emergency services, is sober

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