Commissioner Garrido sponsors showing of film on global warming

The Sustainable Cinema series, sponsored by District 2 Commissioner Charlotte Garrido, continues 6:30 p.m. Thursday at the Dragonfly Cinema in downtown Port Orchard, with a showing of “The Age of Stupid.”

According to a press release on the county’s website, the documentary film “takes a look back from the year 2055 and asks why we didn’t stop climate change when we had the chance.”

The Age of Stupid is directed by Frannie Armstrong and stars Pete Postlethwaite. The film runs 98 minutes.

There is no charge for admission, but the suggested donation is $5 per person.

A discussion will follow the film.

“The Sustainable Cinema Series was created to provide interactive and educational information to Kitsap County residents about sustainable living,” the press release says.

For more information, contact Aimee Gordon Warthen, District 2 Liaison, at 360.337.7097.

12 thoughts on “Commissioner Garrido sponsors showing of film on global warming

  1. High unemployment, a state deficit and county anti building laws in place. And global warming rhetoric is how our commissioner wants to focus her resources and time? The earth is changing and it has for thousands of years and no person on this earth can stop it. Recycling programs, forest management and pollution protections laws are appreciated. Carbon monoxide is a gas God intended us to produce and is not hurting our environment. Stop wasting our time and money on this non sense and at best a theory that will destroy only the United States. The united nations loves people like Garrido.

  2. “According to a press release on the county’s website, the documentary film “takes a look back from the year 2055 and asks why we didn’t stop climate change when we had the chance.”

    Since this is 2011 their film is a guess and science fiction.

    I would be interested in seeing the same time span using a real, we’re here date, 2011 and look backward for the proofs.
    Has anyone done a more realistic film?

  3. If the climate continues to cool at the rate it has during the last 10 years I suppose people in 2055 will be asking why we did nothing to prevent an ice age.

  4. If that is the case, doing a film showing real life changes from 2011 back forty four years makes the case more so than science fiction guesses from 44 years in the future and back.
    How does one prevent an ice age and/or develop ice age protected growth crops of vegetables, grains and fruit?
    Cows would produce ice milk and cream and churning really cold ice cream might well make churning warming to the churner.

  5. Really Commissioner! With all the budget problems in Kitsap County and other important issues, you choose to spend your time on a “Stupid” non issue like global warming. If VP Gore had been correct, we’d all be close to doom today, and here you are promoting a film supposedly looking back from 44 years in the future. Give me a break. I remember back in the 70’s, “scientist” predicted we were going into an ice age. Why don’t you do the job you are elected and paid to do and stop trying to save the world from a hoax?

  6. This is as ridiculous as eating only local food. Since Garrido is using public funds to do this it would only seem fair that she showed both sides. Al Gore is almost hysterical because his climate scare is falling apart. Follow the money.

  7. Reminds me a little of the documentary and I believe a TV series that showed what would happen to our planet without people .

    This appears interesting , but it obviously has an idealogical bent to it . I put it on my netflix queque . You could also have a documentary of 50 years ago with all the predictions of those who stated we would be in a state of emergency today because of the envirnoment and population . Even Al Gore made some predictions that were so over the top that other useful information gets buried .

    Fact is our air is cleaner , our rivers and lakes also . Things are so much better then they were just a few decades ago . The predictions of envirnomental armageddon I always believed stops a serious conversation of policies that will keep us in the right direction , the envirnomental extremist hurt the envirnoment as much as those who violate the common sense approach of leaving the envirnoment as they found it or better .

    And as pointed out , envirnomental extremism hurts people and their ability to live with the envirnoment , people sometimes forget people are part of the envirnoment .

    Global warming is a proven from what I have read , the causes and how much is caused by industry has always been hard to understand because of the iddealogical slants from those who explain it .

  8. And Al Gore will be in attendance doing cartwheels to entertain those who think humans can change climate.They will be feasting on Fruit Loops and the main course, crow.

  9. Do those who forgot fifth grade science believe CO2 is a pollutant, go jogging? If yes, shouldn’t they be carbon taxed for excessive co2 emissions? Should people who believe it is a pollutant learn to live w/o exhaling? If “saving” the planet is top priority and carbon dioxide is the culprit, why don’t they stop breathing? They are either complicit to Agenda 21, or never heard of it, yet, they will, or they are duped to the point of being functional while in a propaganda induced coma. Why do greenhouse growers buy generators for producing co2? To poison and kill the crop? Duh. I do not feel sorry for people who lack so much critical thinking skills they actually believe co2 is not essential for life and the more co2 the more we thrive as does all plant life. The UN cares about wealth/power and how to control every human being on the planet, that survives their agenda, Agenda 21 that is.

  10. Someone mentioned earlier that our taxes are likely paying for this and not Garrido. I believe this is most likely and if so they are using our taxes and asking for a five donation also. We must be so rich to pay for an agenda that is out to cost us our entire way of life. I call Al Gore, La Ogre for a reason. The word “sustainability” is a huge red flag. They know we are on to them the shills, UN shills. Take me back to America.

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