Belfair Water District manager’s contract now with auditor’s office

Earlier in August we had a story headlined, State Attorney General’s Office to review Belfair Water District manager’s contract.

That headline was not quite correct. The AG received a copy of the contract, but according to sources there did not actually review it, saying it didn’t fall under the AG’s purview.

Apparently it does fall under the state auditor’s review. State Sen. Tim Sheldon, D-Potlatch, said officials from the AG’s office suggested he submit it to the auditor.

The auditor’s office confirmed that it is reviewing the contract. First it will consider what areas it can weigh in on and then do just that.

The contract gives Dave Tipton, district manager, two-years pay if he quits and three if he is fired for anything other than a crime. He also gets paid extra money for meetings that start or run late, can disallow anyone from entering his office and lets him take his dog to work.

I’d like that last piece in my contract.

Then I want a dog.

Maybe if I can bring it to work my wife will let me have one.

One thought on “Belfair Water District manager’s contract now with auditor’s office

  1. This is outrageous! I hope the AG shoots down this contract. Keep me posted.

    Are you joking? I worked 35 years in management, and if I quit, much less got fired I would have gotten nada, nada. I had to have an open door policy to my office, and I couldn’t even hang a photo of my dog (if I had had one) in my office, much less bring the pooch itself in.

    Good God! That is what is wrong with overseers. Who do they think they are!

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