2 thoughts on “Campaign finance reform bill easy to circumvent

  1. Last year, a candidate for Prosecuting Attorney was quoted in the Sun, saying that some friends of his had purchased and installed a bunch of campaign signs for him.
    His friends did not file an independent expenditure report with the PDC, as is required, and the PDC had no way to know about it, unless they make a habit of reading local political news and then checking their records for compliance. I suppose I could have turned him in, but I was busy.

  2. It wouldn’t have mattered if you reported it. Worse campaign spending transgressions have been reported to the PDC, who seem to never take any action. Last year, a legislative candidate bought cigars for a campaign party out of the campaign treasury–this is not one of the worse illegalities I was referring to, but is a blatant and disgusting example of disregard for the law.

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