Pitch your road project ideas to Kitsap County public works

Have you got a pet peeve about potholes? Concerns about sharp curves? Anxiety over lack of signage?
The Kitsap County Public Works Department invites residents to pitch road project ideas for inclusion in the county’s 6-year Transportation Improvement Program.
As projects are completed, the department adds new projects annually to its to-do list. Projects selected this year will be added to the 2012-2017 TIP list.
The deadline for suggestions is April 30.
Projects are scored and ranked using objective criteria, according to Jim Rogers, transportation planner. Criteria include safety, capacity needs, structural condition, environmental retrofits and non-motorized needs. Projects are selected based on the availability and timing of funding, especially for state and federally funded projects.
If you want to see how your neighborhood fared in last year’s list-making process, check out the copy of the county’s roadwork plan for 2011 below.
Submit your road project ideas to the county’s website here. For information, call (360) 337-5777.
Kitsap County 2011 Transportation Project List


One thought on “Pitch your road project ideas to Kitsap County public works

  1. Legalize ATV’s for secondary roads and make shoulders wide enough for bicycles on primary roads. Pay for these improvements by licensing ATV’s and Bicycles.

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