Silverdale incorporation…almost there

Brynn writes:

In Saturday’s Kitsap Sun I reported that the Citizens United for Silverdale planned to submit their letter of intent to incorporate Silverdale Monday or Tuesday of this week.

It now sounds like the group is taking a little longer to get the letter submitted. Group members assure me the letter is written and notarized, it’s just the legal description that’s taking a little longer to complete.

Committee member Marcus Hoffman said Friday afternoon that the group was “still getting our legal description worked out.” Once the description meets the group’s satisfaction, they’ll be ready to submit it along with the notarized letter. Hoffman couldn’t say when that might be, other than “it will be soon.”

The group has made a point of having all their ducks in a row, for lack of a better cliche, before submitting the letter of intent to the county. That’s because once the county accepts receipt of the group’s intent to incorporate, the clock starts ticking. They’ve got 30 days to go before the Boundary Review Board and show how they envision the future city of Silverdale, including form of government and boundaries.

Once the review board dose its thing — including hearing from the public — the citizen group can decide if it wants to continue with the effort based on any changes the board may require. From there the county auditor gives the group information regarding the number of registered voters within the proposed boundaries, and the group then has 180 days to gather at least 10 percent of those signatures.

I also wanted to note that I saw many of the comments asking about the tax base of the new city and what the impact would be to the county if it lost Silverdale’s sales taxes. These are all questions that will be answered at the March 29 meeting hosted by the Citizens United for Silverdale group. The meeting is at 7 p.m. at the Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue Station 51 along Silverdale Way (next to the post office). I’ll be reporting from that meeting and will do my best to sum up people’s concerns and find answers.

4 thoughts on “Silverdale incorporation…almost there

  1. I wonder if they will provide their best guess whether or not the new city would be annexed back into the library district and the fire district at subsequent elections, assuming the voters first approve incorporation as a city. Of course, whoever is elected to the city council would make the decision to stay out of these two districts or to put ballot propositions to the voters to annex into them, but are they even talking about the effect of incorporation regarding these two taxing districts?

  2. More ‘local control’ for what purpose?

    What will it cost us for the public buildings?
    How many people does it take to run an incorporated city?
    How much will we pay them?

    We will put ourselves into the ‘hands’ of political idiots – as I see it.

    No wonder certain folks want to incorporate Silverdale – it is the most successful town in Kitsap County.

    Look around at the incorporated cities here – how ‘successful’ are they – how happy are the residents?

    Not much it seems – on either success or residents contentment on their government.

    Why should we incorporate and ‘feather’ a few persons nest while ruining the good thing we already have?
    No to incorporation…what is the point?
    Sharon O’Hara

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