News Flash: Budget cuts will hurt

A New York Times story from today about Republicans disagreeing with each other (something they didn’t do until they were the majority in the House) also includes tidbits that point out that budget cuts will be painful for someone. Surprised? I didn’t think so. At least we all know that in our heads. See if any of these proposals touch you anywhere else.

One Republican idea is for a program that helps local cities hire more cops. Bremerton has used that program and in doing so committed to fund the positions past the three-year grant period. We’re trying to figure out if this would mean the federal government would be making that commitment moot by taking back the commitment to the second and third years.

Republicans would also make cuts to the EPA, legal aid, energy efficiency programs and would kill AmeriCorps and any federal money for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Obama’s proposal would cut in half money spent to help low-income Americans pay energy costs.

Do any of these ideas hurt you personally? Had the tax increases Democrats wanted (restoration of all the previous tax rates just for the top 2 percent wage earners in the country.) made it through in December, would that have hurt you? What would hurt you and America more?

9 thoughts on “News Flash: Budget cuts will hurt

  1. No, none of those would hurt me personally, thank God, but it kills me to see the little guy getting the shaft, because without help they will have no recourse to legal representation etc when needed.

    Our country has been the shining city on the hill because a balance of corporations and federal programs created the middle class that makes us different from third world countries where only the oligarchs or brutal dictators live well and everyone else has a mean existence.

    The proposals that the conservatives want is what is already in place in the third world—no restrictions except for the poorest, no labor groups, no free speech for everyone,—all that leads to graft, fraud, keeping the populace barely subsisting until they get desperate and revolt.

    The attitude in third world countries is that it is every man for himself, and through bribes, theft, cheating, takeovers, brutality, etc. only a few manage to grab and hold all the resources so they can hob-nob with others of their class of pseudo lords and ladies who are not loyal to their country or any country but to profits for their personal coffers, and sometimes it seems that that attitude is the one that is prevailing here in some quarters.

    Port Orchard, WA

  2. Cut $500,000,000,000 from the Federal Budget. Rein in Government-gone-Wild that has been aided and abetted by both parties for far too many years. Will it mean Norm Dicks won’t bring home the bacon? Yes. is that good. YES.

    Cautionary tale about a local politico who has close ties to special interests. Even at the State level, this kind of incestuous relationship between AFSCME — Public Service Unions and other special interests (NARAL, ACLU, WEA, NEA . . .) corrupts the process of right-sizing government.
    Expose: ROLFES: Follow the MONEY.

  3. What cuts and by whom? Government is still spending and now taking more of our money.
    The blatant frivolous wasted money for this silly WA state bird change is an ugly sign of things to come and the mind set – keep spending on nothing! – of our government.
    We were just notified another $30 month will be withheld from our retirement pay.
    Sharon O’Hara

  4. Where in the Constitution does it say the federal government is supposed to fund local police?

    Love your “(something they didn’t do until they were the majority in the House)” comment. You obviously haven’t a clue about how the Republicans have greatly differed in certain respects for many years. For example, look at how differing the opinions were/are about Michael Steele.

    And your complaints about some of those programs losing money are laughable. Come on, why should federal government fund PBS anyway? Would you like it to fund Rush Limbaugh’s show too? I didn’t think so.

  5. Hey heybooboo,

    Step back a minute and re-read what I wrote. I will give you that you could interpret my snark about Republicans’ newly found differences as evidence of anger or something. It was kind of a joke.

    Otherwise, I gave you two examples, the cops grants and the utility helps, that have been used here. The other items, such as the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, were in the story I linked. I can assure you that you have no idea what I think of government funding of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

    The purpose of the post was to point out the obvious, that things will hurt. Sometimes we don’t really get that until we implement things, or in the case of the latest recession until the consequences of our actions bear fruit. I think we call for things (cuts in spending, tax increases, e.g.) and then when we get what we want we feel the pain. And then we look for someone to blame.

    Believe me, I’m not weighing in on any of these. I’m asking a question.

    And I know a little about Republicans. I was once a lowly intern in the office of a Republican U.S. Senator in 1985.

    Steven Gardner
    Kitsap Caucus blog personal development coach

  6. Steve – I don’t mind cuts across the board.

    I do mind being penalized on one hand for working all our life while seeing the waste of time and raxpayer money to reinvent the wheel you seem to support eg: Change the state bird costs.

    Why is that okay with you? You are a good objective reporter and I don’t care how you vote – I care that you pounce on Republicans for ‘cuts’ while you support the cost of a state bird change at this time.
    Sharon O’Hara

  7. Sharon,

    I did not pounce on Republicans.

    I don’t really care about the state bird. I was having fun.

    Steven Gardner
    Kitsap Caucus burn out

  8. Federal and State workforce is way out of line to what is needed to do core missions. Across-the-board Stihl high-and-tight cuts are not the way to go. WA has 130,000 employees, most of which have entitlement to retirement plus the hundreds of thousand drawing retirement. It can’t go on like this. $6.O billion shortfall and we have plans afoot to bring on magic marijuana as a solution.

  9. It is not really clear what those links on that cub reporter Jimmy Olsen’s sites and the screeching and complaining he followed up with has to do with the budget cuts and shortfalls that are here to stay. Seems like he would quit kevetching and offer up real solutions about how to create jobs. Guess he did not get the Daily Planet memo on how job creation generates money for the state. People with jobs spend money. Those without don’t. Seems like Mr. White would counsel his employees on how that all works! Platitudes and manifestos don’t fix things! No wonder Jimmy was named head of the Complaints Dept at the Planet! Just Sayin’!

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