Gregoire’s Chief of Staff Jay Manning on Tucson Shootings

Gov. Chris Gregoire’s Chief of Staff Jay Manning, Kitsap-grown, spoke to the Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce Thursday.

Manning didn’t try to sugar coat the upcoming round of budget cuts, but he ended by predicting Washington State is positioned to pull out of the recession faster than most states.

Manning also mentioned a topic that must weigh heavily on the minds of public officials at all levels of government, the shootings in Tucson and incendiary packages in Maryland.

Manning said the atmosphere in Olympia “is really intense right now, and it’s really scary to be in government and to think there’s that level of anger out there.”

Manning said being in government is seen as a disgrace, yet government workers perform essential functions, child protective services for example. The biggest shame, Manning said, is if government became the last place people would go to get a job.

“There’s not a lot of hope or optimism about government right now,” Manning said.

He’s all for free speech, but, “Let’s ease back on the rhetoric a little bit,” he urged. “It should be about issues and ideas.”

Question: If you have ever thought about running for public office, have recent events of violence against politicians discouraged you? (take the poll on the Kitsap Caucus home page).

3 thoughts on “Gregoire’s Chief of Staff Jay Manning on Tucson Shootings

  1. I really fail to see why Mr. Manning’s perspective on the Tucson shooting is in any way more relevant or important than anybody else’s who does not have direct ties to it, nor does it warrant such a big headline for his comment on that particular topic being such a small part of the overall story.

    I am much more interested in what fact or experienced based information or comments he has to share regarding the budget and the current session. I would have liked more of that.

    As far as discouragement for running for office? Well running for office is not the only way to put yourself out there in the spot light. There are lots of ways such as the way you (Steven) and I do so through the media. I write what I write knowing that there very well could be consequences because of it. In some ways that does temper what I disclose. In other ways it encourages me to say “what the heck” this is what I want to say and I am going to say it.

    Everything you do in life and every choice you make as benefits and consequences. Some that you can foresee and control and others you cannot. Everyone needs to live their lives based on what they feel “called” to do. If that means the spotlight then so be it. Control what you can individually control. Don’t be a complete fool and let the rest of the cards play out as they will.

  2. Also, I would have asked Mr. Manning why the Governor and the Legislature feels that they can openly take or steal federal funds that do not belong to them and were never intended for them?

    I am speaking of the federal teacher stimulus money from the bill passed by congress over the summer. A considerable amount of money that was intended to be “additional” funds for schools and not just a pass through where the funds are paid to district but then that same amount is deducted from apportionment over the next series of months and the State gets to pocket that money and spend it on items other than education. In the private sector this is called money laundering and is the second time they have done this. The first round of stimulus money from a couple of years ago was also a bait and switch of the same result.

  3. Does it give me concern about running for office? Not really. But I will tell you that the Arizona shooting really shook me up.

    My thoughts when I read on CNN what had just happened was shock and dispair because, for the first time that I can recall in my lifetime (aside from the assasination attempt on President Reagan), a federally elected official was targetted for assasination. It brought back the feelings of 9/11, where our nation was under attack. Come to think of it, I felt on 9/11 (and the days afterwards) just like I did when Pres. Reagan was attacked… it was an attack on our nation.

    Side note to Colleen. Spot on regarding Edujobs money. It is money laundering, plain and simple.

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