Seattle Music Scene a Loser If Ferries Are Cut

Chris Kornelis at the Seattle Weekly has two blog posts that deal with the proposed cuts to the Bremerton ferry, eliminating any sailings past 9:05 p.m. Kornelis is making the case local leaders have not yet proven, that losing Bremerton’s business hurts Seattle.

These cuts would massively reduce the accessibility of Seattle music to Bremertonians — and Seattle clubs’ access to their wallets — and would be devastating loss to show-goers in the ferry-dependent community. It would be a huge loss for the Seattle music community as well.

In the second piece Kornelis speaks exclusively with Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie. Gibbard grew up here, went to Olympic High School and was a regular traveler to pick up shows in Seattle.

“As a native Bremertonian, it’s really unfortunate to me that Bremerton continues to get the short end of the stick,” Gibbard says. “We grew up always having the busted ferry. Whenever Bainbridge Island got a new ferry, we got the hand-me-downs. (This proposal is) a further kind of indication of how much political influence the affluent West Side suburbs have, that they are relatively immune to this part of the budget cuts, and Bremerton as usual has to take Bainbridge Island’s leftovers.”

One thought on “Seattle Music Scene a Loser If Ferries Are Cut

  1. I could not agree more, I try to get out to Seattle to enjoy the music/nightlife scene at least once a month. I also have quite a few friends in various bands from the Kitsap area who travel on the ferries for shows frequently. Aren’t the bright lights of the big city appealing to our naval soldiers-who might enjoy staying out past 9pm on their weekend? I can only assume that there may be a slight increase in drinking and driving as well if this goes through, some people are bound to get stranded. Between this and the proposal to close down the Frances Haddon Morgan center (losing MORE jobs! not to mention how the families of patients there are going to cope) it’s hard not to feel as if we’re getting the short end of the stick again.

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