Lary Coppola Predicts at Least One Local Incumbent Gone

Port Orchard Mayor and publisher of the previously mentioned Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal Lary Coppola, operating as neither, offers his predictions the November election.

On most of the close races he hedges, laying down no public bets. Not, though, in the race in the 35th District between Kathy Haigh and Dan Griffey.

“Republican challenger Dan Griffey will upset longtime incumbent Kathy Haigh in a fairly close matchup.”

Coppola also predicts Hauge will win. As of this posting he has not weighed in the county commissioner race between Josh Brown, the Democratic incumbent, and Abby Burlingame, the Republican challenger. I commented asking if he will.

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4 thoughts on “Lary Coppola Predicts at Least One Local Incumbent Gone

  1. Larry C. — I realize you are a dandy about town and now you are a political seer. Give us a break. Concentrate of giving PO sober leadership. You inhabit your own news echo chamber. Here’s a tip: don’t believe everything you think.

    I’ll drink to that!

  2. Mr. Olsen,

    I know such a snarky comment was your only defense in light of my prediction on the outcome of your race. Just so readers know what has prompted you to say something so inane, here it is:

    State House — 23rd District: Christine Rolfes will go back to Olympia for another term. If she had an actually credible opponent, she might have a fight on her hands. However her opponent, James Olson — AKA BainbridgeClearCut in the local blogs — has probably pissed off more people he hasn’t even met then he actually knows personally.

    With that in mind, I look forward to Nov. 3, to see how accurate my predictions are.

  3. James-
    Thank you for reconfirming this conservative’s decision to vote for Rolfes. I guess I am one of those people Larry spoke of. Your response has proven his point.

    Thank you for telling it how you see it (even if I don’t agree with you in EVERY race).

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