Heads Up: On The Agenda

Brynn Grimley writes:

I’m back after two weeks off, so lets see if I can remember how to do this…Here’s what we’re looking at for this week by way of government/agency meetings.

Kitsap County Board of Commissioners (meets at 619 Division Street)

Monday, Oct. 4

10 a.m.: The board will do an hour and a half of information sharing and then discussion the upcoming agendas and calendar for 25 minutes, adjourning at noon.

2 p.m.: The board will be in an excutive session for the first 45 minutes of this meeting to discus existing ligitation. They’ll then open up the meeting at 2:45 for a budget discussion set to last until 4:30 p.m.

Wednesday, Oct. 6

8:30 a.m.: The board will start the meeting by reveiwing its agenda for the Oct. 11 Monday night meeting, then have information sharing from 9:15 to 10 a.m. From 10 to 11:30 a.m. it will be all about the budget. Then the board will recess into a 30 minute executive session to discuss real estate issues.

Bremerton City Council (meets at 345 Sixth Street, Bremerton)

Well, I’m pretty sure they have a meeting set for Wednesday, however they still have their September meetings listed online, and nothing yet for October. So look at their website this week to see what the agenda says. That address is here.

Port Orchard City Council

No meeting this week.

Poulsbo City Council (meets at 19050 Jensen Way NE)

Wednesday, Oct. 6, 7 p.m.: This is a lengthy meeting, so looks like they’ll probably hit their predicted 10 p.m. adjournment. Instead of going through each item, I’m going to list them as they appear on the agenda: Application for Special Event:  North Kitsap High School Homecoming; 7:15 p.m. Public Hearing:  2011 Revenue Sources; Resolution No. 2010-__, Development Regulations Update Public Participation Plan; Set Public Hearing for 2011 Final Budget; Presentation: Proposed Preliminary Budget; Ordinance No. 2010-__, Police Investigative Fund; Approval of Prosecuting Attorney Services Contract; Adoption of South Fork Dogfish Creek Restoration Master Plan; Approval of Noll Road Improvements – Amendment No. 6; Resolution No. 2010-__, HDPA Trick or Treating; Ordinance No. 2010-__, Business Licensing and Special Events; Ordinance No. 2010-__, City Offices Hours.

Housing Kitsap (AKA Kitsap County Consolidated Housing Authority) (meets at 345 6th Street, Norm Dicks Government Center)

Tuesday, Oct. 5

1 p.m. The housing board will meet and hear updated reports from the agency’s directors. The board will be meeting again Oct. 8 for a half-day retreat to finish work on the strategic plan that they started at the end of their all-day retreat a month or so ago. The plan is important for the future of the agency, and Executive Director Tony Caldwell hopes to see it become the road map  for the agency going forward. During the meeting Caldwell will also update the board on the move (or not) to Bremerton. An appraisal is being done on the space, and once it comes back the authority will sit down with the city to talk numbers. Caldwell hopes to have resolution on the matter by the end of the month.

Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council (meets at 345 Sixth Street, Bremerton Council Chambers)

Tuesday, Oct. 5, 8 a.m.: The executive council meeting kicks off with a study session on building the legislative agenda for 2011. At 9 a.m. the board will start the meeting with approval of the consent agenda. Items on the business part of the agenda include a work program report on: Sustainable Communities Update (30 min) — that includes a report on energy efficiency programs and grant application with Kitsap Transit; next will be Revisions to Countywide Planning Policies — that will include an employment distribution report (20 min), and revised schedule action (10 min); next up is Transportation — including federal funding cycle timing and contingency list report (10 min), the WA transportation commission report (10 min), a transportation listening session and the priority projects list; and lastly the board will receive a low-income housing report. The meeting adjourns at 11 a.m.

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