In Seattle to See Obama? Hear those booms?

Anyone from Kitsap make the trek across to Seattle for a glimpse of the prez?

It’s primary day. Here in the newsroom we’re getting ready for a late night, reporting on the election.

2 p.m. : OK then, things just busted loose with reports of loud explosions about 2 p.m. Seattle news agencies are reporting it was sonic booms from military aircraft. KItsap Sun reporter Josh Farley says on Twitter, “Seattle area explosion Caused by two fighter jets that broke sound barrier, confirmed by Seattle traffic control.”

Reporter Ed Friedrich has it from the FAA, they were F-16 military jets responding to a plane in air space that was temporarily restricted due to the president’s visit.

In the meantime, back to business. So, if you were in Seattle to see Obama, share your pictures and experiences. Did you hear the booms?

Update 3:15
Make that F-15s.

And for those who are interested:

2 thoughts on “In Seattle to See Obama? Hear those booms?

  1. Obama was in Seattle? Well, I guess that answered that question. That’s what happens when the cable is turned off. LOL

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