Another Month, Another Meeting

Brynn Grimley writes:

In preparation of this afternoon’s Housing Kitsap (aka Kitsap County Consolidated Housing Authority) meeting,  I read the agenda packet, including the monthly update from executive director Tony Caldwell.

Here’s what he has to say about the letter from county commissioners regarding their request the agency vacate the Silverdale office, and the move to the Norm Dicks Government Center:

The agency is in receipt of a letter from the County Commissioners giving the Board and Agency 60 days to vacate the two buildings in Silverdale. Copies of the letter have been provided to Board members and a copy of the letter has appeared in the Kitsap Sun. Staff awaits direction from the Housing Authority board on this matter.
In the meantime, the agency has met with the City of Bremerton. The City of Bremerton has expressed a strong desire to move into the first floor space at the Government Center. There is a strong desire to centralize some of the City’s departments into that space. We are working in
a cooperative manner with the city and we have scheduled several meeting to continue the discussions. All parties are very well aware of the need to expedite this matter. Additionally, the agency is continuing discussions around two potential sites that will allow for consolidation of agency resources into a single location. These locations are both located in areas of the county served by the housing authority. The cost of leasing either of these two locations would provide substantial savings in overhead to the agency.

Not sure how much of this will be talked about in an open meeting, because the board does have an executive session listed again on its agenda. The move was not discussed at all in the last meeting during open session.

Also listed in Caldwell’s report is a little more information about the rebranding of the agency. As you may have notice, we’ve started using the new name “Housing Kitsap”, and they now have a new logo to go with it. I can’t copy and past the logo here, but it’s green colored (to signify the sustainable, green building techniques they use when building new homes) and includes a tree shape, and nice-looking home with the body shapes of a family of four holding hands out front. If we get a pdf I’ll post it.

Here’s the details from Caldwell’s report on the rebranding:

We are moving forward with the re-branding of the organization. Application has been made to the state for Kitsap County Consolidated Housing Authority dba Housing Kitsap. The state has notified us that additional information is required to complete this process. Staff is working to gather that information so that Housing Kitsap can be registered. We have received several proposed logos and I have requested and received feedback from staff and commissioners. This is the logo that has been selected by those who have responded to the email. It will also be available in a black and white format. We believe it embodies our focus on housing, families and sustainability. We will begin using the logo once it is approved by the board.
We are also working on a new website for the agency. The new website will further the rebranding of the agency’s image. The new website will be easier to navigate and provide a better interface for clients and users. We expect to launch our new website later this year.

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