Take A Listen: Candidates Debate

Brynn Grimley writes:

Last week we had the candidates vying for the Kitsap County Commissioner District No. 3 (otherwise known as the Central Kitsap Commissioner) seat at the Sun to talk with the editorial board. Normally we would have a video posted to our website so you could watch the debate, but there were some technical problems this time, so all we have is the audio.

I’m posting it here for you to listen to — look at it this way, you can listen to the debate and multitask by doing something else while you listen.

The three participants were Republican Abby Burlingame, Conservative Democrat Wally Carlson, and incumbent Democrat Josh Brown. Republican David Corley was not able to attend. I think when you listen you’ll be able to decipher who is speaking — Abby’s the female voice obviously — but if you have any questions over who said what, let me know.

The audio starts out with the editorial board introducing themselves (you’ll hear me there too, but I was just there to listen and run the video camera, I am in no way involved with the editorial board, their decisions or endorsements.) There is one point where Josh Brown is talking and it cuts him off, that’s because we had an issue with the video. Part of his introduction about why he is running for reelection is cut off. Otherwise the bulk of the debate is there for a listen.

Without further ado, here it is:

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