Survey: Which Incumbent Is Most Vulnerable in 2010?

Look to the right and you’ll find that we added a polling feature. Our first question was about the prosecutor’s race between Russ Hauge and Bruce Danielson.

Now, allow yourself to speculate a little and consider which legislative incumbent you think would be the most likely to end up looking for something else to do after the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

Then, come over here, if you like, and tell us why you voted the way you did.

4 thoughts on “Survey: Which Incumbent Is Most Vulnerable in 2010?

  1. I voted for Sherry Appleton . To me she punctuates the problem we have in Olympia and DC. She is supported by many special interests, made a living before as a lobyists. Very idealogical on social issues, and does not understand the grave problems we are facing with our budget . She will only advocate for taxes, and sees all cuts as wrong unless the cuts come from individual citizens from their paychecks to pay more in taxes. She is surrounded by those who think like her , and will not ever consider the greater picture. She talks at the people she disagrees with , friendly to their face. But has no idea or concern for the people she represents , only in giving more state bought goodies .

  2. Jan Angel has no follow-through. She did not finish college. She divorced twice. She had business failures. Her initiatives as county commissioner fizzled. She has proposed noting of substance in the legislature and could not even get her paltry renaming Bills passed. She voted against saving state parks, against regulating puppy mills, and against holding the line on Tacoma Narrows Bridge tolls for commuters.
    I’m not sure that “vulnerable” is the right word, worthless is better.

  3. I hope all of them are vulnerable. I hope all of them actually are uncomfortable, much like the rest of us taxpayers. How long have some been in office? Take away the excuse of a recession with its lost jobs & lower income for Olympia from taxes, and what do you have? A Democratic majority that can not even pass a budget in the time given? A Democratic majority that would rather pass on tax increases to the local level via new rules and regulations combined with unfunded mandates? As for the Republicans, great showing at doing nothing and redefining the term partisanship and working for the voter and taxpayers. Olympia, the most expensive kindergarten facility on the West Coast.

    The job of managing the State has been ignored. Spend what you do not have and then instead of cutting back to basics, get the local governments to pass increases in utility taxes, car tabs, and any other little money sucking method to keep the State running on empty.

    I hope all of the incumbents are looking at this election with dread. A few I actually think are doing some good, but like a captain on a ship, those in charge either step up to the plate or are dismissed. If we as voters keep electing the same people to office and expect different results, then we deserve what we get. Then again, is that not the definition of insanity to begin with?

    Roger Gay
    South KItsap

  4. In the wake of President Nixon’s resignation in 1974, Americans reinvigorate their country by electing many new Senators with no previous elected positions over the next ten years.

    As a recently retired Navy JAG who understands service, high standards of conduct, American values, and our great Constitution, I am running for U.S. Senate as a serious candidate with a serious intention to move American forward, not zig-zagging Left and Right.

    Our solutions lie in empowering the people and the states to grow. Over-reliance on federal handouts and programs is a form of intravenous feeding that weakens us all. We need a strong defense and a strong economy in all 50 states. The private capital did not disappear when the recession hit us, it simply retreated and is waiting for new opportunities.

    We will re-grow our economy when we incentivize private capital to participate in growth opportunities. Government must provide the level playing field, we the people must get back on the field and learn how to compete again, instead of simply waiting …

    America must build things (manufacture) again and we must send things overseas for sale (export). If we simply service and import, there is no hope for growth.

    Schalk Leonard for U.S. Senate –

    Talks to your friends and neighbors and let’s move forward this time!

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