Is Gore a Poodle?

As I write this I’m listening to Dori Monson talk to Anne Bremner, a Seattle attorney who finds herself on television and radio a lot, about the accusation that Al Gore tried to get frisky with a massage therapist.

I’ll admit I’ve read the reports. I’m no expert and it’s probably in my best interest to keep my opinions to myself. Those opinions are not very conclusive anyway.

So I go to you experts and ask, do you think there is anything to this accusation?

Bremner, by the way, is being very measured about this. There are reasons to doubt her story and reasons to believe it.

“I would have those pants tested,” she said.

One thought on “Is Gore a Poodle?

  1. Well, I believe Gore is capable. He does awkward things even in public, such as grabbing his wife and kissing her the way he did, and then all that huffing and sighing when he was debating before the elections.

    I believe the lady. Some men have demons inside, and when those demons show themselves, it is like a veil of evil comes into their eyes and they look like wild creatures, not like humans. It is like being caught in a cage with a very angry or very hungry tiger.

    However, in her case, she had been in this business for over a decade so she had to have had more than one experience like that and got out of it. So what if the hotel had no longer asked for her services if she complained—it was only one hotel. She could have feigned sudden extreme illness and barfed or something and left saying she would have someone pick up her stuff later. She let it go on too long. She might just have an agenda here because of who the creep was.


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