Will the Housing Authority Move?

Brynn Grimley writes:

As I was compiling the weekly “Heads Up” post that we’re now running each week on the Caucus, I was reminded that the Kitsap County Consolidated Housing Authority will be meeting Tuesday afternoon. (Or, I guess I should say this afternoon, since I’m scheduling this post to come out Tuesday morning).

Recently hired executive director Tony Caldwell is expected tell the housing authority board whether he found an alternative to the proposal that the authority move into the vacant space it currently owns inside the Norm Dicks Government Center. The story I wrote about this resulted in a mix of opinions about whether the agency should relocate to Bremerton (where it doesn’t have much of a presence by way of programs or housing) or find a home elsewhere in the county.

To refresh your memories, the story is here. In response to the article and the many comments, Caldwell wrote a “My Turn” for the paper. That can be read here.

Caldwell came to speak with the Kitsap Sun’s editorial board a week ago and in that conversation he said the authority will do whatever the board directs it to do. However, he, as the new executive director, wanted the chance to see if he could find an alternative that made the most sense for the authority and staff (and the most sense financially). He reiterated that the authority has no presence in downtown Bremerton (remember Kitsap County owns the Harborside condos now, not the authority).

Regardless of what is decided, the housing authority will have to move because the county is trying to sell the Bayshore Drive building. I’ll be at the meeting to see where they land.

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