Linebacker Norm Set for Real Defense Work

Norm Dicks, heir apparent for the top defense appropriations post, is featured in Politico. From the story:

Even now, approaching 70, he shows flashes of the old “Stormin’ Norman”: the barrel-chested Rose Bowl linebacker and Type-A Senate staffer who burst into the House three decades ago demanding the first seat on Appropriations and the last jump shot in the gym.

At an event last year, it might have even been the health care town hall, I had some questions for him, but I really wanted to get his thoughts on Steve Sarkisian coaching the Huskies.

One thought on “Linebacker Norm Set for Real Defense Work

  1. Yes, because it is all about appearances and sports knowledge about a second rate podunk college football team being in the performance toilet and not about the actual ability to do the job in question with ethics and integrity thus becoming the best steward of the public’s money and trust.

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