One thought on “Gov’s State of the State

  1. Over the years, the Democrats have been in control….didn’t they plan for money in the ‘rainy day fund’, or did that go into increasing the size of state government…and creating the “hodge podge” of layers of government in Washington State!
    Its no wonder there are so many boards, and some state government departments and agencies, with all red tape and all, that can be cut to the “bare bones”! Today I heard about a well operated day care in a neighborhood that was being closed down because it violated the associations rules, under ” creating a nuisance” . . . a Day Care? Pleasem !! And a the owner is at his wits end, because he will probably loose his property. This may be off topic, but it is a symptom of what small, or cottage industry, type businesses are dealing with.

    We do need to be a business, and job friendly state. And I applaud some of the things she outlined that will be instituted for small businesses to create jobs, which help to support the economy. But it may be too little too late.

    Why isn’t it FAIR to balance the budget?

    When I pay my bills I cannot go without balancing my budget, making sure that the income I have covers my expenses. And if I run out of money before I run out of month, I make do with what I have, and DON’t spend money I don’t have !If I have to use my credit card, I have a bigger balance every month, if I don’t pay anything on it, and keep spending until it is maxed out.

    So why can’t offices close 2 or 3 days a week, when they have run out of funds each month. Just shut down until the first of the month. Only specific ‘Emergencies’ would still be handled by people that could be covering from a different department.
    When clients know that they must be there, on certain days of the month, they will be there, and not on the days that they close their doors. That would help to cut the down-time in some departments, and make them more efficient.

    ‘Funding levy equalization’? I didn’t get all of that.
    How and where will that money come from. Increase costs somewhere I expect by making Competitive tuitions . . .weren’t students just complaining about how high the tuitons have become at UW.

    Cutting the number of ‘6 digit salaried Superintendent’s’ would help the school systems do their jobs…how many superintendents does Kitsap County still have ? Have they been consolidated yet?

    $ 1.7 Billion dollars in cuts ? Yet, investing/spending on health care and investing/spending on education, seems like borrowing from Peter to pay Paul to me.

    Increasing revenue through NEW TAXES seems like trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip! WE ARE TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY.

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