We Take Requests — This Time on Vets Budget

Jim Sommerhauser, a county planning commissioner and member of the county’s Citizens Budget Committee, made a request of us at Monday’s county commissioner meeting.

There was again discussion of the county’s decision to use money set aside for relief for indigent veterans and apply it to the general fund. By “discussion” I mean “anger.”

Sommerhauser requested we republish the story written by Ed Friedrich (though Sommerhauser mistakenly thought I wrote it.) on the decision. In particular, though, he asked people to pay attention to the comments by Bob Meadows. Meadows provides a lengthy explanation and several answers later to emphasize the following point: “Nothing is being taken away.”

One thought on “We Take Requests — This Time on Vets Budget

  1. “Nothing is being taken away”, the veterans that need help aren’t getting it and the money will be gone. The commissioner’s phrased it as “we will try to pay the money back”!!

    Sounds gone to me.

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