Bainbridge Company Gets Huge Federal Grant for Texas Project

A reader who goes by Oldsalt in the comments section has had a little to say about the Bainbridge Island grant for the boat, the same one McCain had something to say about. Oldsalt posted a link to a story about some place in Michigan not getting a Department of Energy carbon sequestration grant. Down the way, though, the story got interesting for Kitsap locals. From the story:

The DOE selected three other sites: Columbus, Ohio; Birmingham, Ala.; and Bainbridge Island, Wash

What the . . .? How much carbon is there to capture on Bainbridge? (Begin the jokes now.)

I did a search on the DOE Web site and found a press release from Dec. 4 announcing $3 billion in carbon capture and sequestration grants, an announcement that included this:

Summit Texas Clean Energy, LLC (Bainbridge Island, WA)
Project Title: Texas Clean Energy Project (TCEP)
Summit Texas Clean Energy, LLC will integrate Siemens gasification and power generating technology with carbon capture technologies to effectively capture 90% of the carbon dioxide (2.7 million metric tons per year) at a 400 megawatt plant to be built near Midland-Odessa, TX. The captured CO2 will be treated, compressed and then transported by CO2 pipeline to oilfields in the Permian Basin of West Texas, for use in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operations. The Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG) at the University of Texas will design and assure compliance with a state-of-the-art CO2 sequestration monitoring, verification and accounting program. (DOE share: $350 million; project duration: 8 years)

Eric Gjelde is listed as the registered agent for Summit Texas Clean Energy in the Washington Secretary of State’s site dealing with corporations. The company is affiliated with Summit Power Group, also of Bainbridge Island.

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  1. The City Council meeting room downtown would be a good place to start if they are interested in finding a steady and reliable source of hot air

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