Inslee Has an Opponent in 2010

Assuming Democrat Jay Inslee runs for re-election for his First District U.S. House seat in 2010, one of his first opponents out of the box is Redmond’s James Watkins.

On Watkins’ site there is no mention of which party he belongs to, but I did find one tweet that claimed him is a Republican.

On his site he favors less regulation and bureaucracy, criticizes deficit spending and quotes Ronald Reagan. He’s also posted on the Puget Sound Conservative Underground site.

We’ll post more when we have more.

5 thoughts on “Inslee Has an Opponent in 2010

  1. Good, we need to get rid of all the encumbents. Inslee has proven to be nothing more than a echo of the socialist Democrats.

  2. Getting rid of all incumbents will only leave the 1st CD in a weakened condition, with less seniority. Jay Inslee has been extraordinarily open and responsive to constituents. He is a recognized House leader in development of alternative energy sources and in protecting individual privacy. He’s also very ethical. We need him in the other Washington.

  3. I left a comment on Watkins’ webpage where he complains about Congressman Inslee’s trip to Copenhagen along with 20 other members of Congress ( My comment said that Inslee’s trip makes a lot of sense as he is a driver of the New Apollo Energy Project and the activities at Copenhagen are going to have a direct impact on the energy policies of the United States and this project.

    I checked back on Watkin’s site a couple of hours later to see if there were any comments by anyone and guess what?

    My comment had disappeared. That’s the transparent government I’m looking for. Rather than address the comment, we’ll hide it, Orwellian-style. Thanks, Watkins!

  4. Inslee’s never met a tax, bail out, federal expansion, or illegal immigrant he didn’t like. He votes repeatedly to weaken my country and spend my money before I even make it. I think he’s currently working on spending my, as yet unborn, grandchildren’s money. That is if there’s any money left to be had in 20 or so years.

    He’s not as open and responsive as some would claim. His standard response to calls and email is “I share your concern about ….” No. He clearly doesn’t share my concern. I’m shocked, frightened, fuming, furious by what he and his colleagues are doing to my country. His arrogance insults me.

  5. I have written to Congressman Inslee many times. He states that he is against illegal immigration, but won’t vote for and support E-VERIFY. E-Verify as you know, is for an employer check social security numbers to make sure the person applying for a job is legally allowed to work in the U.S.
    It is time to have a Representative that works FOR THE PEOPLE, not for special interest groups.
    Our nation is hurting, but Jay Inslee isn’t man enough to do and vote for what is right. He is shameful in my opinion.

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