Is Bremerton the Beer Caucus?

The Dude, charter member of the White Russian Caucus, though he often consorts with legislators from Seattle.

This is really a topic more suited for another writer, one you might know, who because he now works for a competitor I won’t name. I’m not trying to insult him (Oh dear, now you know his gender.) by suggesting he’s an expert in mind-altering substances. But almost anyone is more of an expert than I am, given that I have chosen a life in which I really only get anything close to high when the dentist shares some killer nitrous. Unfortunately my dentist lives by a code himself, so we’re both on our best behavior around each other. The point is I’m no expert on the subject matter, and could really only guess at any place’s intoxicant of choice. Then again, I do read police reports.

In political circles you have your caucuses. Our nine legislators are free to call themselves the Kitsap Caucus without any fear of copyright claims from us. We’re that noble.

Steve Elliott on OpEdNews, in a pro-marijuana decriminalization post that insists Washington’s Speaker of the House, Frank Chopp is missing part of that which makes him a man (Actually, there is a pair of said parts and they are not socks or trousers.) suggests legislators could be broken into caucuses that have yet to be made official, the intoxicant caucuses. From the blog entry:

“Chopp, who grew up in Bremerton, WA, likes to describe himself as a ‘Bremerton Democrat’ (translation: ‘I’m almost like Norm Dicks. Besides, I don’t smoke pot; I drink beer. Vote for me, please!’), presumably to distance himself from the ‘effete Seattle liberal’ image that scares him so badly . . .”

It’s not the first time “Bremerton Democrat” has meant that the speaker drinks beer. In 2007 Josh Feit at “The Stranger” wrote:

“First elected to the state house from Seattle’s 43rd District in 1994, Chopp, who likes to refer to himself as a ‘Bremerton Democrat’—meaning a beer-drinking, blue-collar, populist 26th District Democrat, as opposed to an effete, latte-sipping, pot-smoking 43rd District Democrat . . .

In both references Bremerton’s preference for beer over marijuana is, I guess, intended as an insult of sorts. Frankly, I know many people who think “beer” is probably being too general and too kind to the “We’re working on it” city. A random sample of stereotypical assumptions freely offered by co-workers within earshot led to the irrefutable conclusion that the beer of choice in Bremerton is anything that comes in a 40-ounce bottle, because it is more easily pilfered from the Sev.

We could be high (And by “high” I mean “wrong.”), of course, so we ask you dear readers to come up with your own thoughts for what the intoxicant of choice in Bremerton is. While we’re at it, let’s include Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo and Port Orchard. Don’t feel limited to legal substances, because I know that would be a particular challenge for Port Orchard. Remember, Seattle is claiming marijuana (despite there being not a single White Castle restaurant in the city) and possessing marijuana will get you more than a stern reprimand that kills your buzz.

19 thoughts on “Is Bremerton the Beer Caucus?

  1. Well Steven, that was “Binion-esq” enough to bring a tear to my eye and do the Bremerton Beat blog proud, if anyone ever paid attention to it anymore that is. Inclusion of the dig at Port Orchard was just pure indulgent icing on the cake. (smile)

    I live in Bremerton (I can even walk to the Sev in question. It is a bit of hike though) but when it comes to beer I am really more of a quality Porter and Stout girl. Neither of which is sold at the Sev. My guess…PBR or Coors Light for the unwashed masses.

  2. With the speed at which the intoxicated driver was traveling prior to being pulled over in front of my home last night it seems that Bremerton is definitely a booze, not weed town. Given that every employer requires drug testing ( please give me someone who smokes a joint on their off hours to dispense plumbing advice at Lowes vs the “clean” workers who don’t know an elbow from a coupling!)

    If only Norm Dicks drank a beer at the Eagles or the Elks vs a 50 year old scotch from the military lobbyists. What a wonderful world that could be. I work for a government agency so instead of smoking a joint on Friday night, like most Bremertonians its a distilled beverage when I choose to partake. I have asked Dr. Dixon for a prescription for a tank of nitrous, so far he has refused. I really miss Andy.

  3. Given that this is about the most dis-jointed (pun intended) post I’ve seen Steve write, I’m wondering if he didn’t have sniff of the happy gas from his dentist before wrote this. 😉

    And I didn’t get the White Castle reference at all. What did I miss?

    Kathryn Simpson

  4. Don’t worry Kathryn, you can come over to my house for Movie Night and in a few hours you could be totally up to speed on the Pop Culture references Steven has made. We can even hit the Sev for a couple of Big Gulps and some snacks to make it a total Bremerton experience.

  5. Thanks Karen. AB is one of a kind. I posted a comment on the article at the un-named newspaper that we missed him over here and were cross contaminating this blog with discussions about him and links to his stories published by the un-named competitor.

  6. “…what the intoxicant of choice in Bremerton is….”

    Bremerton’s ‘intoxicant of choice’ used to be catching a Saturday movie at the Roxy, followed by a milkshake and hamburger at Olberg’s Drug Store.

    Today, the intoxicant is ignoring the bars and strolling through the new downtown waterfront park and seeing your ferry come in and go out without you on board.
    Sharon O’Hara

  7. Karen,

    It was a take-off on a line from one of my favorite movies, “The Big Lebowski”. In the movie, the line was “the dude abides”.

  8. I’m not familiar with that film but the Coen brothers new film, ‘A Serious Man’, opens today at the historic Orchard Theater.

    It is partly autobiographical about life in academia and partly based on the story of Job. It has gotten some rave reviews.

    It’s very cool that Port Orchard has a theater that features offbeat and critically acclaimed independent films in a timely manner. 4 of them at once. We are lucky. I’m grateful. Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. Has the PO theater shown ‘Das Boot’ or the ‘Burke and Wills Expedition’ documentary?

    We’ve seen both in Seattle and would happily travel the shorter distance to PO to see them again.
    Sharon O’Hara

  10. Karen,
    Kahlen offered a free screening of the documentary, Coal Country, for me (as part of the Sierra Club’s efforts to end mountaintop removal coal mining) two weekends ago. He’s great about supporting local charities and organizations.

    I, too, love the Historic Orchard Theater.

  11. Mary, yes it’s a great little theater. We had to drive to the Lynwood on BI or the Grand in Tacoma to see the movies we wanted to see before they reopened the Historic Orchard Theater. It has a larger selection, too.

    “The Hurt Locker” was my favorite of the year. It’s a Golden Globe nominee for best picture.

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