State Budget Shortfall Up to $2.2 Billion

A report by the state’s Caseload Forecast Council has created a potential increase of $520 million in what the state needs to spend, according to an e-mail sent to members of the House’s Ways & Means Committee.

Yona Makowski, senior fiscal coordinator for the House Democratic Caucus, wrote that the council’s revised forecast will be shown in the governor’s 2010 supplemental budget, which had already been expected to address a projected $1.7 billion shortfall.

Makowski wrote that the state’s Office of Financial Management computed the cost of the changes at $277.4 million, but other costs not directly related to the caseloads would add another $243 million.

State Rep. Larry Seaquist, D-Gig Harbor, shared the e-mail with us and pointed out that there is still another revenue forecast due, which could show another negative revision to the budget.

You can download the Caseload Forecast Council report here.

Some of the PowerPoint presentations offered at Friday morning’s meeting can be accessed here.

3 thoughts on “State Budget Shortfall Up to $2.2 Billion

  1. I will have an opportunity to hear Gov. Gregoire give a keynote speech to WSSDA next Friday. Will be interesting to hear her thoughts on how K-12 is going to be impacted.

  2. This is the shortfall that Empress Christine said was a lie during the campaign. Why does the media ignore Gregior’s campaign promises and assesments? Why not cut the new and expanded programs that have been implemented since the Democrats took over all branches of state government?

  3. Cynic,

    I completely agree. Governor Gregoire got a virtual pass on this during the Sept-November period before the election. She even adamently called Rossi a liar, claiming that he was being overly dramatic for political benefits. Turned out, she was completely understating the problem until almost IMMEDIATELY after the election. We were hearing reports, at our annual conference, less than two weeks after the election that things were much more dire than she had let on immediately prior to the election.

    Yet, to date, very little accountability for that. Perhaps they are saving that as media fodder if she runs for a third term.

    Kathryn Simpson

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