Why the Mayor’s Salary Would Have to Be Voted on Tonight

The Bremerton City Council is right against the deadline for reducing the mayor’s salary during the next term. As discovered in Port Orchard, the mayor can get a raise under certain conditions anytime during the term. A pay cut, though, has to be agreed upon by ordinance before the election.

SECTION 8 SALARIES AND LIMITATIONS AFFECTING. The salary of any county, city, town, or municipal officers shall not be increased except as provided in section 1 of Article XXX or diminished after his election, or during his term of office; nor shall the term of any such officer be extended beyond the period for which he is elected or appointed. [AMENDMENT 57, art, 1971 Senate Joint Resolution No. 38, part, p 1829. Approved November, 1972.]

Roger Lubovich, city attorney, added that the ordinance has to be published for ten days before it takes effect. If the council approves it tonight, it gets advertised Friday, which gives it 10 days the Sunday before the election.

My fly on the wall senses predict a close vote. Had we done a roll call the night it was discussed in the study session, I think it would have passed 4-3. Will Maupin would have recused himself and I believe he was doing that to get to a debate and to separate himself from an issue that could affect him.

Mike Shepherd, city councilman, was there and I’m not sure he will be tonight. He proposed this idea out there before Cary Bozeman resigned. I’m guessing he’d vote for it. Carol Arends was not there, but assuming she’s feeling better this week than last, she probably will be there. I don’t know how she would vote.

My question to Lubovich was whether the new mayor would be filling two different terms. If not, it would mean the salary couldn’t be cut, or would have to begin right away. The new mayor will be sworn in twice, once to finish this term and again around Jan. 1 to start the next one. If tonight’s measure passes, the new mayor will get the higher rate until Jan. 1.

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