Credit For Jobs

Gardner here.

Just read a New York Times story about a possible tax credit to encourage employers to hire more people. If it worked it would seem to put a dent in what has so far been a jobless recovery, if “recovery” is what you call this.

I would throw off my hat of impartiality or independence or whatever it is and support this if some member of Congress amends the bill to require the Kitsap Sun to hire Andy Binion back.

3 thoughts on “Credit For Jobs

  1. Argh The NYT article does not say the bill’s number or full name. Knowing the official name and number of the bill helps when you contact Norm, Jay, Patty and Maria’s offices.

    How is Andy doing?

  2. It’s not a bill yet, just a proposal or idea.

    Give money to the people who hire people…what a good plan. You have to ask yourself, why let the government take it at all?

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