Stimulus Money by Zip Code

At you can find out how much federal stimulus money is being spent in your zip code. Details are scant, but it does tell you how much are contracts, grants and loans. If you live in the downtown Bremerton zip of 98337, you’re getting $20.4 million in grants. If you live in Poulsbo (98370), most of the $13.6 million you’re getting is in contracts. Port Orchard (98366) has a grant for about $600,000. Bainbridge (98110) received a loan worth almost $1 million.

The Silverdale zip code with the base (98315) got $4.5 billion (That’s a “B”). The one without the base (98383) received $1.1 million (That’s an “M”).

Where I live (98311) got zip.

I’m not bitter.

4 thoughts on “Stimulus Money by Zip Code

  1. Or go one better and see that 98366 (my ZIP) has the biggest school in the state & next to $0.00, got the smallest amount of local money. Does this seem absurd? You can further that to then show that we as a pop. are at the same size as Poulsbo with $13.6 Million. HMMM!

  2. Who cares? They shouldn’t be taking it from us in the first place. I think citizens can stimulate the economy greater than the government.

  3. Tim,

    There may be a problem with the way the program shows where stimulus money went. It may not show “pass-thru” stimulus money. For example, SKSD received a several hundred thousand dollars in stimulus money, but it was “passed-thru” the governor’s office and OSPI.

    Most of it ‘back-filled’ money that the legislature and governor took away from school districts in budget cuts.

    Kathryn Simpson

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