Town Hall Coverage Even When We Win the Lottery

Looking for me at the town halls? I’ll be the guy in this chair.

Since I’m scheduled to take vacation beginning Tuesday (It would have been tomorrow, but there are town halls I don’t want to miss.) I thought I’d get this out there now.

A group of us here at the Kitsap Sun have pooled our resources and purchased several Mega Millions lottery tickets, which means we would share the $330 million prize up for grabs. Having increased our collective odds from 1 in 750 million to 1 in 10.7 million, we’re feeling pretty good about the idea that come 8 p.m. or so tonight we’ll be figuring out ways to spend our money.

Of course, even with our newfound riches we will still keep our commitment to covering the heck out of the two Kitsap town hall meetings on health care. Our plan is to live stream the events for those who can’t go. I’ll also be live-blogging and we’ll have a nice video after the fact. That’s the plan, anyway. We’re still working on logistics.

Logistics, I assume, will take care of themselves when we are all able to flash money at any problems that come our way. True I will cover the events, but don’t be surprised when you see me sitting up front tapping away at my computer while seated in the Surf Chair I’ll have flown in overnight from somewhere in Scandinavia. By Monday I hope to have a motorized version. Maybe I can make it street legal.

For those of you thinking the lottery is a tax on the stupid, I encourage you to read this wisdom that comes from Canada.

“One actuary was even quoted by a wire service as saying if you bought a ticket with three or four other adults, it would be more likely that all of you would be dead within the year than be winners of the top prize.

“But here’s the thing. Despite a better grasp of the laws of chance than most, the actuary admitted that he too had bought a ticket.”

See you in line at the Sev.

One thought on “Town Hall Coverage Even When We Win the Lottery

  1. Well, if we are exploring delusions of grandeur here and since I purchased a ticket today as well (my first Mega Millions one ever), I promise to immediately launch buyout of the Kitsap Sun and continue your employment Steven.

    I will bring Binion back with a grossly inflated over the top salary and put him in charge of the rest of you.

    David, you can stay on as my personal assistant…..I like both cream and sugar in my morning coffee by the way.

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