6 thoughts on “Sen. Edward Kennedy, 1932-2009 (NBC Video)

  1. Mary Jo Kopechne, rest in peace.

    For the one who murdered you, justice has been served.

    The gates of Camelot are forever closed,
    and this country just became a safer place.

  2. I cannot discount Ted Kennedy’s influence and effort on behalf of the American people however much I may have disagreed with him politically. He fought the good fight for the things he believed in and for that I respect him.

    Yet I cannot grasp how the citizens of Massachusetts could have continued to elect a man who was so unwilling to be accountable for Chappaquidick and his above-the-law attitude.

    In watching the NBC Video Steve posted, he led an amazingly bold and service oriented life which was so regularly hit with tragedy. And yet, I wonder what level of effort, what measure of acts of good will and service, make up for a life. And yet, again, in my heart of hearts I know that such a question is God’s to answer… not mine.

    So, while he would never have gotten my vote, I appreciate his contribution to this great nation.

    Kathryn Simpson

  3. Perhaps he became a better person in his old age, but I simply cannot forgive a man who drove off a bridge, landed his car in the water, swam to safety and left a woman in his submerged car. He never reported the incident. Mary Jo Kopechne died that night and Ted Kennedy got off with nothing but a slap on the wrist. Even if you believe he deserved forgiveness, why would you continue to re-elect a man who left a woman to die in an accident he caused. He admitted that he was driving. He admitted he drove off the bridge and swam to safety. He even admitted not reporting the accident. Mary Jo Kopechne possibly could have survived if he had reported the accident. The diver who found her said she was in an air pocket and might have survived if rescue had reached her in time. Ted Kennedy got away with manslaughter at the very least. RIP Mary Jo Kopechne July 26, 1940 – July 18, 1969.

  4. obamaresistor,

    When a Republican hero dies, you’ll most likely be very angry if someone dares to say anything negative about him. When/if that happens, I hope you remember what you just said about Kennedy, and remember that as you reap, so shall you sow.

  5. I guess you didn’t bother to read down what Kathryn and Elvira said, and with greater eloquence than I.

    Only talking the truth.

    I also notice you didn’t have anything positive to say about him yourself.

  6. Obamaresistor,

    Although I disagreed strongly with both men, I didn’t bad-mouth Reagan when he died, or Novak when he died.

    You on the other hand took the low road. I’m sure your parents must be VERY proud of you for speaking ill of the dead. There are such things as manners. Maybe you should learn some.

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