Municipally Powering a Revenue Source

Carlos Jara, a candidate for mayor in Bremerton, has proposed a wind farm in Bremerton’s watershed and rooftop wind devices downtown to generate power the city could sell back to the utility company. I haven’t done the research to devise whether the concept is feasible.

According to this story in the Seattle Times, solar power isn’t the bad option in this region some might think it is.

While hot days generate lots of energy, the optimal temperature is 77 degrees, they say. Extremes can make generating power more difficult. Cloudy weather doesn’t stop power generation.

Does anyone know of any municipalities that have tried or considered generating power in this fashion?

6 thoughts on “Municipally Powering a Revenue Source

  1. In a nutshell this is the health care system the right wing supports:

    They promote private insurance beyond the income of individual subscribers who, to be insured, go through an employer, union, or other group.

    The private insurance companies dictate to the groups and threaten them with increased premiums unless they find a way of riding themselves of the persons who are decreasing profit.

    Once a subscriber becomes infirmed with an ongoing illness the insurance company instructs the group to find a way to rid themselves of the subscriber so they can terminate their insurance.

    That individual must now go to an emergency room in a hospital for treatment. The increasing costs of medical care due to the uninsured are grounds for the insurance companies to raise their fees, usually enough to increase their profit even more.

    Litigators are standing by in case the overburdened emergency care system makes mistakes in order to sue the Doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers. These lawyers then run for public office.

    They pass more laws relieving the insurance companies of even more of their responsibility so they can increase profits for them and from litigation due to the increasingly over burdened system.

    The government, in an attempt to correct the problem for seniors, the most needy of health subscribers, enacts Medicare and Medicaid which will bankrupt our Government unless the problem is corrected.

    Add to that the excessive profiteering by the drug companies and medical supply companies and you have the American health care system.

    Naturally those responsible have tons of money to organize protests, buy talk show hosts and fabricate phony reports keeping the bulk of the people in this country in the dark.

    All the while, countries like Germany pass a single payer government sponsored system in the 1800’s that even survives the “Nazis”.

    One has to wonder if health care in this country can be salvaged in spite of the “Conservatives”. We shall see.

  2. Naturally, those for the current, rush it through and socialist oriented new health care plan must throw daggers at those who ask for a reasoned and thoughtful health care reform.

    “Naturally those responsible have tons of money to organize protests, buy talk show hosts and fabricate phony reports keeping the bulk of the people in this country in the dark.”

    Funny thing, the money the protesters spend is their own money, not borrowed money from China… nor printed without the gold to cover the debt… borrowed money when this country cannot even pay the interest… and keeps spending what we don’t have. Are you proud yet?

    Fabricate phony reports?
    The people protesting the hurried urge to blindly accept the unacceptable plan are too sickened to fabricate anything… they let the facts speak for themselves.
    Sharon O’Hara

  3. Indeed those who are angry know why they are angry. Unfortunately those who do not understand this are either uneducated in the US Constitution and they are too lazy to look up the Health Control bill themselves and see really what the fuss is about. How many of these people who criticize free speech have even read the US Constitution? The real “misinformed/misguided” are the ones criticizing free speech. Which is really kind of odd because this kind of outrage was OK with the 43th president. Even calling him all kinds of names under the protection of FREE SPEECH. He never ridiculed any ones right to the 1st Amendment. Now these protesters are being told by the current employee/president to get out of the way. In my book that is unAmerican, after all it is the taxes of these protesters that pay all the governments salaries. Only one who thinks he is sole ruler would say something like that to AMERICAN CITIZENS.
    More and more people are waking up o the truth.

  4. Sorry for responding to the poster not the article.

    I think the idea is a good one…solar on the rooftops… I don’t think the rooftops of the old buildings would stand up to the weight and power of the windmills.

    The separate garage of a visionary in PT was built to incredible standards, intending to go up several stories and have a windmill on top to supply power to the entire property and have an excess. It was all carefully planned, plumbed and powered with enough juice to light up PT. It is an amazing place and a thirty year old concept.

    It never happened though. The visionary had no doubt the city would approve his plan and overbuilt to answer any possible ‘no’…but the little guy who had the power to yea or nay said, no and laughed about it to friends…that he had actually stopped the big guy in town…

    The overbuilt concrete fortress stands today in mute testimony to a man of vision and the man without vision who stopped him.

    Yes, to the possibility of Carlos Jaro’s idea. Why not?
    Sharon O’Hara

  5. You would think of all places, Kitsap County would support nuclear power. We probably have more operational reacotrs at any given time than most places in the US.

    As for wind power, there will alwys be someone who complains:,0,6810272.story

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