Robocall Glitch in Bremerton Mayor’s Race

On Monday night some Bremerton residents received multiple calls from former Bremerton Mayor Cary Bozeman, urging them to vote for Will Maupin.

Well let’s step back a minute. The former mayor wasn’t making the calls himself. He had recorded a pro-Maupin message that could be used by an automatic phone dialer.

Maupin sent me a letter saying that the system was supposed to remove the number once it was called, but it didn’t. “I understand some people received as many as eight calls,” Maupin wrote.

He has stopped the calls, is fixing the computer and is sending apology letters out. “I sincerely apologize to everyone who received multiple calls. Having their evening interrupted over and over again is not something that anyone deserves,” he wrote.

Additional note: When Bozeman was mayor I enjoyed getting calls from him. He’s an amiable sort, for one thing. Secondly, a lot of times when he called there was something to write about afterward. A decent source, he was. But eight recorded calls from hizzformerhonor? Yeah, that’s a bit much, enough that it would probably make me want to move me and my new clean-tech company to Port Orchard. I bet you can get ShamWows there, too. And Delilah might buy you some paint.

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