Steves Might Ask for Your Vote in 2012

Back in December when the rumors that U.S. Rep. Jay Inslee, D-Bainbridge Island, might get a cabinet post were beginning to fade, we nonetheless mentioned that one person supposedly interested in replacing him was renowned traveler Rick Steves of Edmonds.

The rumors are back.

This time is speculating that Inslee wants to run for governor in 2012.

Everybody knows that Democratic U.S. Rep. Jay Inslee (WA-01) has long had his eye on the governor’s mansion, and is widely expected to give up his House seat to run for our state’s top office in 2012.

I never got an answer from Steves about the rumors, but horsesass did. Well, it’s from a publicist, so that’s only kind of a response.

This, of course, presumes Gov. Chris Gregoire doesn’t seek another term, which might not be a valid presumption.

5 thoughts on “Steves Might Ask for Your Vote in 2012

  1. There is zero discussion that I have heard about Jay wanting to change jobs. I don’t speak for Jay’s campaign but there is not a word behind the scene that I have heard. Zero and we are a bunch of political junkie chatterboxes.

    Jay actually came close to Norm’s winning spread the last election and know that we have a majorty in the senate, house and the Whitehouse this is the chance that Jay has been working his entire career for to make a lasting change on the enviroment and energy.

    I don’t think Goldie is right on this one. I think Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown will be our next Governor. Also I could see Rep Ross Hunter running if he does not make it as King County executive.

  2. No. I think Senator Brown believes in tax reform and the current consumption and B&O tax in inherently regressive and inefficient and the system needs to be reformed to be more fair and stable. That would massively lower taxes on the middle working class majority of voters.

    Gregoire in 2009 was basically a Republican Governor and had no significant budgetary and tax reform differences than Dino Rossi. She codifies Tim Eyman crappy ideas fiscally suicidal ideas into law.

    When it comes to tax reform policy and Tim Eyman there is ZERO difference between Gregoire and Rossi. Buck up Republicans even though Rossi lost the election Gregoire is basically ruling from the right.

  3. Ross Hunter is also too much in favor of unfair regressive taxes for my tastes. I hope that Senator Brown will run and rule as a progressive.

    Gregoire ran as a progressive and then did a bait and switch and ruled from the far fiscal right in 2009.

  4. I haven’t heard Jay or his people talk about a 2012 governor’s bid, either. That doesn’t mean he can’t surprise us. Still, I hope he doesn’t. He’s really hit his stride in Congress.

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