Reason to Suspect McKenna

An item on the (Everett) Herald’s political blog lends credence to your speculation that Rob McKenna, Washington attorney general, might favor a run for governor in 2012.

Writes Jerry Cornfield:

Attorney General Rob McKenna did not announce that he is running for governor today.

He did announce the hiring of a guy who could make sure McKenna is prepared for such a campaign.

Before Dino Rossi announced his bid to run in 2008, McKenna stopped by our office for a visit. I asked him if Rossi decided not to run, would he? He said he was running for AG and that wouldn’t change no matter what happened with Rossi.

Cornfield’s blog has more about Randy J. Pepple, hired by McKenna as his chief of staff. Public Disclosure Commission reports show only incumbent Gov. Chris Gregoire, a Democrat, is officially preparing for a run at her own job. McKenna has a file for the AG’s office. Both are standard operating procedure. They’ll shift the money elsewhere once they decide, should it need to be shifted.

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