Blogger Puts Inslee Name Out for 2012

A Washington Education Association blogger who attended a conference Bainbridge Island Congressman Jay Inslee spoke at puts his name on a list of two as potential governor candidates in 2012. The other name is fellow Democrat Lisa Brown, Senate majority leader.

The blogger writes, “That speaks to our capacity.” I’m not sure what that means.

Any other suggestions three years away?

5 thoughts on “Blogger Puts Inslee Name Out for 2012

  1. Now that he has President Obama and House Speaker Pelosi to work with I don’t see Congressman Inslee want to get involved in State Government again since he has now so successful in the Federal government. Sure he did try and run for Governor before but then again so did Ron Sims.

    Powerful congressmen like Jay or Norm running for governor is actually pretty rare.

    I think State Senate Majority Leader Brown is highly likely to run and would be an incredible governor. Unlike Gregoire, Senator Brown is actually a progressive that believes in change over the status quo.

    I could see Rep Ross Hunter running for Governor (except he is also completely wrong about regressive tax reform). I wish Ross Hunter would get in the gear win WA-08

    I don’t think the Republicans have any candidates that can win state wide I mean who would they run? Jan Angel? I guess they could run Dave Reichert in four years after he looses his congressional seat.

  2. I like Rob McKenna and I do wish he would run for Governor. His commitment to protecting families and kids is impressive. I was fortunate enough to hear him give a wonderful speech regarding children and internet safety at the Washington State PTA Convention a couple of years back.

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