Governor Needs a Speechwriter — Stat!

Joe Turner from the (Tacoma) News Tribune is not applying, so there is one less competitor for the job.

Jake, if you’re applying you might want to tone down the “corporate welfare” stuff, though your testimony at the speedway hearings proved to be quoteworthy.

To anyone else who might apply, please do not ask me to delete any posts from your past. It’s on your permanent record.

Turner points out that the governor needs to get an exemption from the hiring freeze to advertise the job.

13 thoughts on “Governor Needs a Speechwriter — Stat!

  1. Steven, this is easy…She just needs to order herself an Obama magic teleprompter that tells her what to recite all the time. Gheeshhh….No need for a hiring freeze exemption.

    Also no need to worry about Jake. He has been surprisingly quiet now that it is the people he supported and helped to vote into office who are doling out the corporate welfare money, left and right…pun intended.

  2. Well, there are a lot of teachers getting pink slips this week. Maybe the governor could hire one of them.

    Kathryn Simpson

  3. Let me give it a whirl…

    Because of the fiscal restraint we have shown during my administration, our State government has avoided the economic crisis that has gripped the rest of the nation. Our state government is running a budget surplus and we have firm plans in place to rebuild our critical infrastructure and institutions.

    No, I couldn’t do it. $63,000 is too small a price for one’s very soul.

  4. Nah, I’ll pass. Governor Christine Rossi sort of let me down after the last budget. I am not a fan of her opposition to any attempt at Progressive Tax Reform and sort of wish I supported Ron Sims in the 2004 primary. At least he understood the need for real Progressive Tax Reform.

    Honestly I don’t see how she shaped the 2009 budget was any different than how Rossi would have done it. I agree with her on a lot of issues but taxes and the budget are not it. She is not a liberal by any definition of the word.

    I agree with Kathryn Simpson. The Governor should hire a laid off English teacher.

  5. The one thing I am envious of the Republican Party is their ability to hold members of their own party accountable when they don’t vote with the party platform on taxation.

    I heard some rumors of some local Republican names are gearing up to run for the Bremerton Mayors office now that Councilmen Mike Shepard is the only one who is campaigning for it.

  6. A smart candidate, R or D, would speak to issues, not party platforms (which are typically formulated by a relatively small fraction of the constituents they are vying to serve) and let the votes fall where they may. Very few voters care about a candidate’s strict adherance to party platforms. Most care about whether they trust the candidate and whether they agree on most principles.

    Kathryn Simpson

  7. Well Kathryn had we had Ron Sims for Governor we would have had passed progressive tax reform by now and the state funding levels would have been tied to the employment numbers instead of the rate of consumer spending. The 2009 budget would have been very minor compared to the draconian regressive cuts. In a way an regressive Democrat is worse than a Republican because the Regressive tax Democrat is going to be harder to beat and much more inefficient. Christine Rossi demanded Tim Eyman’s stupid anti property tax legislation AFTER it was thrown out by the courts. She sucked up to the right and Kitsap County is facing a massive deficit BECAUSE of it. Christine Rossi is a beurocrat that would rather emass power than actually make the tough choices and reforms Washington State needs. I am counting down the days until we have a real progressive governor. State Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown has the guts to advance progressive taxation reform I really hope she runs for Governor.

    It is too easy to just have a D After your name and then whisper sweet lies to the party. I am only going to support candidates that actually believe in progressive taxation reform that would help working class families.

    Thanks to the 2007 Legislative session that SHE called and her opposition to all progressive tax reform she should be held accountable for this disgusting budget. Her election is over and I am done keeping my mouth shut about the taxation failures of Christine Rossi.

    She stabbed the base that re-elected her in the back with this budget and her veto threat of the senate budget. I can’t wait until we have a real progressive leader to run Olympia. If you can’t get taxes right you FAIL on every other issue.

    On progressive tax reform she is Dino Rossi in a bad dress suit.

  8. Jake,

    In order to be critical of Gregoire, you have to drag Dino Rossi into it. I find that not only sad, but demonstrative of the partisan hackery that is killing our country.

    Why can’t you speak to negativerly about Gregoire’s policies and practices without bringing Dino Rossi into it as if to defer some blame or culpability to him? It is a shame that you can’t see bad policy as bad policy, whether from a D or an R, without somehow trying to blame the Rs.

    Kathryn Simpson

  9. By the way, Jake, you and I both know that Gregoire won’t win a third term. What you are doing now is working to craft the exit for Gregoire and maneuver a “fresh, new, sparkly,” candidate into the spotlight as a “real Democrat”. (cough cough)

    With only 3.5 years left until the next election, you are smart to start early. You will need all the time you can get to create as much separation as possible from the next Democratic candidate and Governor Gregoire.

    Kathryn Simpson

  10. A smart candidate, R or D, would speak to issues, not party platforms (which are typically formulated by a relatively small fraction of the constituents they are vying to serve) and let the votes fall where they may. Very few voters care about a candidate’s strict adherance to party platforms.

    Tell that to Patty Lent.

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