Transportation Budget onto the Governor

One budget that kind of, sort of, had some bipartisan support was the transportation appropriation bill.

In the House the bill passed 77-19, with state Rep. Jan Angel, R-South Kitsap, the lone Kitsap dissenter. In the Senate it was 41-8, with all three Kitsap senators voting in favor.

The bill is perhaps most important to Kitsap residents because it includes ferry building. Three 64-car ferries get built right away. Then there’s provisions for a fourth, either another small boat or one that would carry 144 cars, but it doesn’t identify the money to pay for the fourth boat.

That, said state Rep. Larry Seaquist, D-Gig Harbor, is one of the weaknesses of the transportation budget, which nonetheless got his vote.

“The ferry budget solves the immediate problem, (the Keystone-Port Townsend route), but does not get us to construction of mid-size boats. Those are not formally committed to in this budget,” Seaquist said. “As progressive as this budget is, it does not attack, and I think that’s the right verb, the cost of constructing these boats.”

The other weakness, he said, was the bill did not go after the costs of running the ferry system.

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