Gas Price to Go Up for Clean Water? — Bill Passed

Once it was ruled a fee, the $1.50 per barrel the fee the state will charge for petroleum, that didn’t make the tax versus fee argument go away.

As of 4:12 p.m. the House was still debating the fee, which Republicans charge will mean oil companies will raise gas prices 4 cents a gallon in Washington. The fee is designed to be charged on oil used for stuff that ends up washing into the waters. The bill’s report states:

“Petroleum products that contribute to storm water pollution” means asphalt and road oil, lubricants, motor vehicle fuel, motor diesel fuel, residual fuel oil, and any other petroleum substance that the DOE determines contributes to storm water pollution in the state.

The term does not incude crude oil, aviation gasoline, jet fuel, home heating oil, dyed special fuel, or clear special fuel used for agricultural purposes

Fred Finn, 35th District Democrat, said small businesses in the 35th need this legislation, because it helps preserve the waters that make this place attractive. He named a few businesses, including Seabeck Pizza.

South Kitsap Republican Jan Angel agreed on Seabeck Pizza, but warned against them delivering because of the increase costs she said this legislation would pass on, or oil companies would pass on.

Bainbridge Island Democrat said we will not let Puget Sound die and that citizens have been paying for storm water clean-up through property taxes and local fees, that it’s time for oil companies to help.

Republicans argue oil companies will pass the cost on to consumers.

UPDATE: The bill passed at 4:28 p.m. or so.

3 thoughts on “Gas Price to Go Up for Clean Water? — Bill Passed

  1. Of course it will be passed on. It is a cost of doing business and people need fuel. What are they going to say, “We won’t buy the gas?”

    It’s pure horse pucky what Fred Finn says, singling this out as a boost for small business owners like Seabeck Pizza. What a rationalization! You don’t swim to get a pizza and I haven’t seen anybody there drink the salt water or even test it to see if it was clean before stopping to get food. It will make pizza more expensive to transport the supplies, for workers to drive to work, for customers to drive to pick up, and for delivery drivers who barely make it as is.

    We’ve already figured out how high gas prices slow the economy and raise the cost of most all products. Besides, the oil companies aren’t putting it in the storm drains, the government roads and storm sewers are.

    Assume some responsibility Mr. Finn. If you want to raise taxes to pay for government pollution do it. Just don’t blame the oil companies and give a cock and bull story about helping out the ‘little guy’.

  2. Oh my gosh, I’ll have to pay 4 cents more a gallon for gas. Maybe I should take some personal responsibility and drive in such a manner as to conserve a tiny percentage more fuel. It’s like oh my god, I’ll have to go 0-30 in 6 seconds instead of 4 and keep my tires properly inflated to make up the difference for that massive price increase!

  3. Why not a 20 cent/gallon increase? It could be used to help pay for our ferries or roadways..
    Just a thought… Sharon O’Hara

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