Portland Mayor Being Called on to Resign

Next time you go to Portland, the city may have a new mayor. The Oregonian provides a long list of stories to tell you why.

The mayor is openly gay and had a relationship with an 18-year-old in 2005 and lied about it. So far, except for the sexual preference, the story sounds pretty familiar.

The Oregonian, however, in calling for his resignation, delves further into the grounds for Sam Adams making an exit:

He asked one of the city’s leading campaign specialists to coach Breedlove (the 18-year-old) in dealing with the onslaught of impertinent questions. He preached piously about the importance of mentoring young, confused gay men to help them through their identity crises. He derided (Bob) Ball (who had considered running for mayor himself) for falsely employing a vicious anti-gay canard (Ball had gone to some Portland leaders saying he’d heard Adams had an affair with a 17-year-old.) in his effort to force Adams out of the mayor’s race and out of politics. He took care, he claimed, to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. He’d do it all again, Adams proclaimed back then, to defend these virtues. He fairly dripped sanctimony
But it was a lie, Adams now admits, cooked up to save his political career.

The sum total:

Portlanders are left with a mayor whose election was built on a lie.

5 thoughts on “Portland Mayor Being Called on to Resign

  1. “Portlanders are left with a mayor whose election was built on a lie.”

    He’s a politician and his lips were moving (no pun intended), what did they expect?

  2. What a politician lied about an embarrassing sexual affair?! I am shocked! Shocked I tell you.

    At the time of his affair the younger guy in question was over 18 and there was no crime committed. Sure the mayor of Portland sounds like a creep leach who needs to day people who were born in his own decade but he did not actually commit any crimes here.

  3. He is a creep and not a crook. It should be up to the voters of Portland to decide in the next election or to call for his resignation.

  4. Don’t ask: don’t tell foreshawowed. What’s a little perjury among consensting adults. How old fashioned of tbat reactionary City of Portland. At least we don’t do lying by government officials here in Port Orchard. Right !

  5. Adams is an enemy to democracy. He didn’t want the voters to know “his truth”. And like a little boy who knows he won’t get a cookie from “MAMA” unless he covers up the fact that
    he broke the living room lamp… So, he lies, just to get what he wanted.

    So, he lied because he actually sees himself as better than, more enlightened then, and more important than the voters.

    That guy can fry a pack of bacon and slide off.

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