Eyman Says, ‘Media Sees It’

Initiative peddlar Tim Eyman pays a backhanded compliment to members of the media in an e-mail he sent to supporters:

RE: Media explains Lower Property Taxes Initiative

You can hold a red ball in your hand and ask the media what it is, and they’ll reply “I don’t see it.” So you describe it and say it’s a ball and it’s red — it’s a red ball. And they’ll reply “I still don’t see it.”

Sometimes it’s hard for the media to “get” the details and accurately report them to the public.

But that didn’t happen on Monday when we filed the Lower Property Taxes Initiative in Olympia. You’ll learn a great deal about the initiative by reading these news stories:

He didn’t quote my story, because I didn’t write one. We ran at least part of the same AP story the Seattle Times ran, which was quoted by Eyman.

5 thoughts on “Eyman Says, ‘Media Sees It’

  1. Tim Eyman is a con-man, liar and a crook and guess what people. He is directly connected to the story below about ferry cuts.

    Wouldn’t it be great if we taxed cars based progressively based on impact on the roads and value? Oh wait we don’t do that anymore so we have to tax gas and property to fund transportation projects.

    Tim Eyman is a fool.

  2. Democracy sucks, doesn’t it, Jake?

    There wouldn’t be a Tim Eyman if our government hadn’t got so far from essentials.

  3. Democracy works that is why the Democrats control both houses of the legislature and the governors mansion, all three county commissioner seats, both houses of congress and the White house. Democracy works, Just like when the Supreme court throws out Tim Eymans’s malarkey when it was found unconstitutional.

    If Tim Eyman had any guts he would run for elected office, every single elected official in the state has more guts than Tim Eyman since they actually got elected.

  4. Yes, Jake, we’ve had LOTS of Democrats in Washington State for a very long time.

    We also have a $6 Billion deficit.

    And did you note Christine just lifted the State Government hiring freeze?

  5. Since when did it take ‘guts’ to be elected to public office? In some cases candidates were voted in for no other reason than having the gift of Malarkey or being the best of a poor field of runners.

    Being elected to public office does not necessarily mean the best person for the job got elected…it can mean something quite different.
    Sometimes voters are duped or sleepy at the voting box.

    We have bloggers right here who would be ideal to represent us but they don’t hold or run for public office …a good indication the best people may not run for public office.

    In my opinion,
    Sharon O’Hara

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