Election Numbers Part II

Looking at the earlier post with the list of how the different congressional districts, the predictable thesis that the Sixth district would be more conservative than the First bears mostly true.

On 985, 1000, Sutherland-Goldmark, Gregoire-Rossi and Obama-McCain that proved true.

Two races, I thought, were worth mentioning.

In the Bergeson-Dorn race, partisanship did not matter at all. The districts had the same result.

In the Insurance Commissioner race, I might have guessed partisanship would have played a bigger role than it did. I’ve heard some conservative displeasure with Kreidler. Overall, though, the race did not generate much heat. And when there is a referendum on the incumbent and there’s been little out there to throw him or her out, voters tend to stick with the one they know.

One thought on “Election Numbers Part II

  1. I thought that the forced sale of KPS to Group Health would have affected Kreidler more here in Kitsap but I doubt that was on most people’s political radar.

    Also I was a bit dissapointed to see Kreidler support “Hilary-care Lite” instead real industry wide national single-payer universal healthcare system.

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