2 thoughts on “State Budget Out Tomorrow

  1. I haven’t finished reading the “budget highlights” document, but note what it says on page 3 about “basic education” and funding — “basic education” spending is mandatory. Whenever you hear anyone complain that the “definition” of “basic education” hasn’t been changed for about 30 years or so, notice the reason why: Whatever is “defined” by the legislature as “basic education” cannot be cut under any circumstances at all, period. Of course, the people who complain never ever ever ever tell you this.

  2. Here’s a page I’ve begun looking through to see what the governor’s budget proposal involves:

    “Table 1” shows the revenue assumptions:

    It doesn’t appear that the revenue assumptions include a drop below the levels experienced in the 2007-09 biennium. That’s one thing to watch, I suppose, as the revenue forecasts are updated next year during the legislative session.

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