Former Kitsap Auditor Running for King County Elections Boss

Sherril Huff, who held a handful of titles in Kitsap County before commuting to Seattle to work for King County, will move away from Kitsap to seek King County’s top election position.

Huff is running for the job she was appointed to in 2007, King County director of elections. In November voters in King County approved a charter that would make the job an elected position.

Huff was Kitsap County Auditor from 1979 to 1986, served on the Bremerton City Council, was executive director of the Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council and was Deputy Mayor in Bremerton until 2004 when the city council eliminated the position.

King County’s Elections office came under fire in 2004 because of ballot discrepancies, that were key in the outcome of the Washington governor’s race.

Huff joined the King County elections staff as assistant elections director in 2005 and got the top job after former elections manager Dean Logan left to work in Los Angeles County.

According to other news reports the field is crowded with potential candidates, but no candidates had been posted on the county’s Web site as of Wednesday afternoon.

The Seattle Times reports that at least two candidates question whether Huff can run, because she hasn’t yet moved into her new King County residence.

Huff has the backing of King County Executive Ron Sims and one former candidate who had declared but dropped out and decided to back Huff.

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