A Thanksgiving Musical from the Caucus

A version of this video has been on our main Web site for a few days, but it needed editing. This was done using Kitsap Sun pictures shot during the last year and selecting music through an online program called Animoto. There was another song I liked better, but it wasn’t available for a slide show like. This was the first time I’ve used it and I had to trim 13 photos out to get some in that were missing, including any of John McCain. As it was, two photos ended up not making it, but they weren’t critical. Hope you like.

One thought on “A Thanksgiving Musical from the Caucus

  1. Speaking of music. I recently went to the symphony website to buy gift tickets to the Symphony (season and/or single performances) and discovered one of the most user not friendly sites I’ve seen in a long time.

    The tickets should be easily and clearly available for those wishing to buy one or more…not all of us are computer savvy enough to enjoy the challenge – the time chewing challenge of finding the information and buying the tickets.

    The tickets and performances should be clear and easily understood by the most non geek among us. I guess I am one of them.
    Sharon O’Hara

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