A Description She Can’t Use on the Radio

On Wednesday ABC’s Nightline did a show on radio personality and South Kitsap resident Delilah Rene. This is what I learned. Delilah has more than three times the children I have, probably 40 times the money and three more divorces than I.

Without embarrassment I’ll admit that her radio show, on late at night, is sometimes a guilty pleasure of mine, or at least it used to be. I’m not in the car for long that late anymore and when I am I’m usually afixed to something wonkish like NPR or Phil Hendry. Or I hit “scan” until a song comes on I like, which often takes a while.

While Delilah might be a snuggle pusher for me, for her I’m the “a**hole” at the Kitsap Sun.” That’s what she said to fellow reporter Chris Henry about me, because early last year her property was discussed at the county commissioners’ meeting, resulting in this story. She found our description of where her property is a little too precise. Never mind that at the meeting, which was televised locally, a map with “Delilah” splashed on three of the properties was put on the screen behind the commishes.

In reporting we’ll do our job, which is to get as precise as we can, to a point. We don’t much care how famous you might be. If your property is part of an issue or if you’ve done a no-no, we’re going to be descriptive enough to make sure, in this case, that it’s Delilah Rene the radio personality, not Delilah the hair stylist (Beware.) or Delilah the lunch lady. I understand there are security concerns for people who rise to celebrity status, but in Hollywood you can buy semi-accurate maps to the stars’ homes. When you interact with the county, it’s a public affair and your name usually shows up on the agenda as Delilah’s name did when the issue was before the planning commission.

While I’m picking on celebrities, it’s time to call out Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays Juliet on “Lost.” Go to this this IMDB page, or this Wikipedia page, or this Seattle Post-Intelligencer story, or this Los Angeles Times story, or this MySpace page, and you’ll notice something that might have been interesting to Kitsap A&E editor Michael Moore, so much that he wanted to interview Mitchell. She consented, as long as the story didn’t mention that one thing that made it a story we wanted.

Moore declined.

7 thoughts on “A Description She Can’t Use on the Radio

  1. I’m sorry I’ve never heard of Delilah – but good for her!

    Sounds like she is taking care of her family just right and entertaining her listeners at night…what could be better?

  2. Oh too funny! You know, I watched that commissioners meeting on tv and saw her entire presentation, just as you described it. I wrote her personally and told her where I lived, and that yes, she was on live tv…..she wrote back and had *no idea* that county commissioner meetings were televised. OOPS! I held back on saying anything on my blog about seeing her on local tv just for hm, personal thoughts, but then what, a couple years later she is on the front page of the Sun promoting the new business she’s started in downtown Port Orchard. Been there, really good food and great staff, but here’s my question of the week…being a responsible journalist includes reporting accurately so now if she’s putting herself in the public domain during a commissioners meeting which yes, needs to be reported upon…and then oh wait, you have a local business you started and want to promote…where do you draw the line in what’s *fair* to cover and what’s not? Surely an interesting thought, and I’ll be the first to say I walked from a journalism experience because I was told in no uncertain terms that I was to only cover “happy positive uplifting news” for said area. You bet I did. If we wrote to appease everyone, well, we wouldn’t be writing because it just can’t happen like that.

    I say take the title, Steven and take it with pride. I know I’ve gotten similar comments thrown my way more than once in my lifetime writing in Kitsap County and by some fairly important people, and if they’re being so gracious, at least you know you’ve held their attention for a couple seconds. Last but not least, Phil Hendry is hysterically funny, I admit. 🙂 Talk radio freak I am. Catch you around town soon, I’m sure.

  3. Is there some reason for addressing this here or addressing this at all since it is obvious she has a right to express her opinion, and you have a “right” to express yours Delilah does not appear to be the type of celebrity that will be a problem in our community, just the opposite, she has invested in our business community, and our neighborhood. I think a little respect for privacy might not be out of order….and in thinking of her kids, her animals and her personal safety, I think that is/was something that should have been considered. I hear that you have the “right” to put her whereabouts out there, but is it right? Treat others how you would want to be treated. Don’t be an ass**** in other words. Rehashing he said she said here is petty.

  4. You know, I was on a family vacation in Florida and Georgia all last week visiting family, watching the Space Shuttle Launch and generally having a really fantastic time basking in summer like temps (high 70’s to low 80’s). Just for fun I read several of the papers while I was there, logged onto their websites and read some of their blogs. I must admit, I have been spoiled by this site and the others just did not measure up in either serious news topics or just plain entertaining ones like this post from Steven. We may gripe and complain, but honestly we have it pretty good here. Thanks Steven and the Kitsap “Sun” (much better than Florida “Sun”). Wear your ass**** title with pride.

  5. Michelle,

    The reason for addressing it here is that it is a government issue involving a local person, one who is a celebrity. I wanted to write this months ago, but other issues took precedence. The Nightline story sparked my interest again.

    Yes, it’s right. Were this anyone else we would have published the same description. The default decision is to not differentiate between a celeb and someone who is becoming one only through our coverage.

    I understand, as I mentioned before, security cautions. It’s not a decision taken lightly. But we don’t make exceptions on issues that become a public matter, such as a public county commissioners meeting in which the property’s location was splashed across the screen for all to see whether they were there in person or watching it on television.

    Of course, were it not Delilah I probably wouldn’t have written about it here. But if it weren’t Delilah opening that restaurant in Port Orchard, we wouldn’t have jumped on that story so quickly either. People pay more attention when celebrities do things, good, bad or funny. Personally, I think the “a**hole” comment makes her all the more charming, and makes me more inclined to listen to her show.

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