Rossi in Port Orchard, Most of it Recorded

Republican Dino Rossi spoke to the Port Orchard Rotary this morning and gave his regular campaign speech. I’ll have a story about it later and more details here. It’s a busy day, let me tell you, though I can’t tell you all the reasons why. Not yet.

At the event I had my little Flip Video camera, just like I did weeks ago when Gregoire was here. I was filming his speech when I was politely asked by a Rossi staffer not to. I had cleared it with Rotary before, but the staffer tried to offer a quiet explanation why they didn’t want it taped. I pulled out the “Do you know who I am?” card, because that always works so well with cops.

Actually, no I didn’t, but I made it clear that I understood (That isn’t to say that I agree.) why they’re reluctant. There are “political operatives” out there who record these things and love to post them on YouTube, out of context, etc. I also said I was with the newspaper. No change. So I said if he could get the Rotary official, because it was a Rotary event, to tell me not to video than I would stop.

A few minutes later the Rotary guy politely (I’m not being sarcastic in either case. Both requests were polite.) told me Rossi’s people didn’t want any taping. So I stopped. Charlie Bermant from the Port Orchard Independent was there and taping. He went to the back of the room and was chatting with the Rossi staffer, then returned and started recording again. I went to the back of the room and got the reluctant OK from Rossi’s people and continued on recording. So when we post the speech, which lasted somewhere in the ballpark of 20 minutes, parts will be missing.

Of course, this is a bigger deal here in lovely Kitsap because of James Olsen being prohibited from filming Eggs & Issues events. Different party, same general reasons.

5 thoughts on “Rossi in Port Orchard, Most of it Recorded

  1. Glad to see the coverage and audio of our soon-to-be-Governor Rossi. How was the rubber chicken at the event?

  2. Steve — yes, I understand the difficulty of being part of the non-MSM as you know the MSM difficulties.

    Fact difference with Eggs and Issues is the candidates Matthes and Garrido supported filming. Garrido spoke with our crew in Hansville Community Center debate and told our news team she loved being video recorded for the public. Candidate Matthes also expressed support for open government and informing the public of these important events.

    See a funny YouTube being passed around on the delightful PR touches of the Bremerton Chamber front-woman Klatman. search Nightmare at Eggs $ Issues Bremerton.

    There is a difference between the two events but thanks for the plug.


  3. James: How about this, you go to the video, you click on “more share options” and copy and paste that little link that appears.

    Or even easier, once you go to the video, copy and paste the URL on your browser address bar!

    It can’t be difficult… if you can figure out how to get something on youtube in the first place, finding the link can’t be too much more of a challenge.

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