Rossi Says Lawsuit Part of Opposition’s Doing Anything to Keep Guv’s Office

Republican governor candidate Dino Rossi stopped by our office Monday, hours after news broke that another suit had been filed by supporters of Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire.

Two former state Supreme Court justices sued, saying that Rossi’s interactions with the Building Industry Association of Washington in 2007 were illegal campaign fundraising efforts, because he was planning to run for governor.

We’ll have more Rossi video later this week and more from Gregoire. The governor is visiting the editorial board Wednesday. Here’s Monday’s Rossi video.


7 thoughts on “Rossi Says Lawsuit Part of Opposition’s Doing Anything to Keep Guv’s Office

  1. What will the Democrats do next? Many are starting to show their true colors. I am truly wondering why I spent all those years defending this country while it continues to implode because of stupidity. The Democratic party has gone completely nuts!!

    Okay, we are getting are behinds kicked here… about another law suit? That should work.

    Just another example of wasting the peoples money.

    Please, when you vote, be responsible, unlike Democratic party.

  2. This lawsuit, just like the other two that were dismissed, are little more than a pathetic attempt at misdirection. They believe if they can put Rossi on the defensive, they can distract the voter’s attention from the real issues – like the $3.2 billion deficit, those 1,300 registered sex offenders they’ve lost track of and don’t have clue where to find, the fact unemployment is now over 6 percent, and that in spite of spending millons on TV ads, her blatant lies about Rossi and where he stands on issues just aren’t resonating with the voters.

    Rossi raised over a million dollars more in September than the sitting incumbent and she has yet to poll over 50 percent in ANY poll – except maybe an Elway Poll, but then again it’s been said Elway couldn’t poll himself accurately. Although the difference in most polls has been within the margin of error, he latest Rasmussan Poll shows Rossi with the lead. Gregiore is clearly worried and has enlisted her supporters to try and distract the voters.

    It didn’t work before, and it isn’t going to work now. The voters just aren’t as stupid as Gregiore seems to think we are.

  3. Democrats create a dust-storm by filing a frivolous lawsuit in anticipation of free media coverage and the plan worked! Meanwhile, we the consumers (readers of the paper) get trivial political hot air while the substantive issues such as the state budget deficit are generally ignored.

    Waste of paper space!

  4. Panic in Needle Park for the Dems with the Rossi race. One of the two plaintiff former Supreme Court justices was far-far-far left on most issues. He used that gravitas to now represent Indian gambling tribes.

    The suit is a joke and most voters will see the Christine Gregorie “Casino-Queen” payola all over the suit.

  5. “This lawsuit, just like the other two that were dismissed, are little more than a pathetic attempt at misdirection”

    Sort of like Rossi’s lawsuit when he lost the last election?

  6. Elliott,

    The lawsuit after the election was filed by the Republican Party, not by Rossi. And exactly what “misdirection” was there in that suit? The election was over, the recounts done and the queen crowned.

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