Rossi’s Visit to Kitsap

Republican governor candidate Dino Rossi will be in town in early October to visit our editorial board, as will the current governor, Democrat Chris Gregoire.

It was mentioned in a comment on an earlier post that I missed a Rossi visit. I have no reason to doubt the truth of the comment, but I was not invited to that event. I’ve checked the e-mails I get from the Rossi campaign and that day he was to be in Gig Harbor twice, but there was no mention of his visit to Kitsap. I’ve looked at other sites to find evidence of the event and can’t find it.

My assumption, for now, is that it was a private function. I have called Rossi’s people and e-mailed them asking for confirmation that he was here. I have yet to receive a response. Rossi’s staff has confirmed that the event was a private one.

So, in the end, I stand by my earlier comment that “Rossi still hasn’t scheduled another visit to Kitsap for me to miss.” I can’t miss something (“miss” in a bad sense) something I’m not invited to attend.

7 thoughts on “Rossi’s Visit to Kitsap

  1. I agree. If you weren’t invited, you weren’t invited. Private event.

    Rossi was at the Silverdale Beach Hotel for 20 minutes or so. He spoke for five (basically a campaign speech to supporters) and then spent the rest of the time shaking hands.

    Approximately 200 in attendance. If you need independent confirmation, check with other elected officials who also were present. Steve Bauer. Lary Coppola. Jan Angel. Derek Kilmer.

  2. Not sure which event Steve Gardner is claiming to be both “missed” and been “uninvited” to. I wonder what the “invitation” process is for 99% of the events Mr. Gardner attends. Was Steve “invited” to yesterday’s Eggs and Issues debate (see article in today’s Sun)? Or was it a matter of newsworthy event and the reporter(s) show up. My guess it is the latter.

    What I do remember was a breathless series of articles about Christine Gregoire coming to a huge crowd (45 people) on BI and then to another stop in Bremerton. What I further recall was SG’s excitement about getting up the full audio/video (no doubt filmed by SG) on the Sun site. In the same period Rossi was in Silverdale with nary a word about his presence, a photo, an interview, any SG video. Nothing. True Rossi didn’t sent a personal invite to SG but it was a newsworthy event that the reporter missed.

    Do reporters need to have an invitation to push their way into a story? NO !!

  3. Holy crap, James Olsen, you make it sound like I’m waiting for a gold-plated invitation. In the case of the private event, James, “not invited” means “not welcome,” or at least “not notified.”

    Gregoire’s campaign notified me of her appearance in Kitsap County. I wrote ONE story (that included a comment from a skeptic), and did a video. I did the same when she launched her campaign in town. We also shot video and wrote a story when Rossi passed through this way early in his campaign. The Bremerton Chamber notified me of the Eggs & Issues series.

    Since the Silverdale parade event for which you continue to get yourself in a lather, Rossi’s campaign did not notify me. Nor did anyone local. I saw your video (and posted a link to it) and thankfully Mr. Rossi’s speech was not heavy on issues. It would have been nice to know about, but Rossi’s staff and I have since figured out the problem and fixed it. Since posting this item his staff has contacted me and confirmed that the most recent event was private. Since Silverdale I get weekly e-mails from the staff telling me where Mr. Rossi will be.

  4. Steve Gardner — you can expect your Platinum Card invitation to the Rossi event. I am told they mailed you an invite. Hmmm !! I’ll send you confirmation and the name/telephone number of the Rossi Financial Director who emailed me with that info.

    Holy crap as they say.

  5. Steve — we will be sitting on proverbial pins and needles to hear your coverage of Dino. Bring your video recorder and perhaps you can get the 45-minute coverage your provided for Christine Gregoire or the video you did of Ms. Jensen.

    Enjoy !!

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