Green Buses

Besides whatever happens on Kitsap SEED or SKIA at Tuesday’s Port of Bremerton commissioner meeting, there will a resolution supporting efforts to create hybrid electric/gas buses or fully electric buses. The resolution expresses the port’s support for public and private funding for the project.

agenda item

I’m told there may have once been a financial request associated with this item, but that the port is not allocating money this week.

2 thoughts on “Green Buses

  1. Good news and timely. This afternoon, I passed a school bus by CKHS spewing black clouds of toxins into the air.

    I thought the school buses had already been ‘fixed’ of their deadly exhausts. Not this one anyway.
    Amazing…when the wind is right those exhausts can swirl over where I’ve watched kids walk right through, not stop talking or even seem to notice what they’re breathing. Someday their lungs may well reflect the preventable poisons the kids breathe.
    Sharon O’Hara

  2. Steven,

    Please show us the entire resolution, so we see our Commissioners’ rationale for “Now Therefore Be It Resolved…”

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